Krunchy Kunzar Roll  

Goddin Ratsachak has tasked me to acquire several ingredients, native to Kunark, for the meal he plans on preparing.

  1. Collect some components:
    • Collect some perfectly marinated Yha-lei steaks. (4) Defenders, Sentinels and Feeders should update this step. (located in Chelsith).
    • Collect some tender abyss lurker tentacles. (4) (Located in Chelsith)
    • Harvest a full jar of flammed secernment by killing them. Auto updates (4) (Located in Chelsith)
    • Fish up 6 barracudas. (6). Harvest these by fishing in Kylong Plains or buying off the broker in Teren's Grasp ( 2196, 528, -1008 ) .
  2. Return the ingredients to Goddin who makes you a Krunchy Kunzar Roll and asks you to deliver it to to Tszuij Adawhi at Dreg's Landing ( 912, 12, 215 ) , then return to Goddin to complete the quest.

Spicy Shissar Roll Kylong Plains
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Veeshan's Feast
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