Level72 - 80
ExpansionRise of Kunark

This is a group zone. The only solo content is between the entrance and The Wind Chamber. Enter from Kylong Plains at 1754,106, -3093

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The Gates

There are 3 forcefield-protected gates that you must be able to disable to proceed into Chardok:

The crystals are the same color as the gate they open, and each is in the possession of a gatekeeper of the same brigade as the name of the gate. The gatekeepers will drop a chest with 6 crystals every time they are slain.


Towards the bottom of Chardok there is a Library area which is inaccessible without collecting 3 books and offering them to the guardian of the library.

When you enter the Chardok Palace there are steps that go up and down at 854, -30, 204 . You need to go upstairs first to harvest three books (Volumes 1-3 of the Encyclopedia of Mutagenica, all group members can harvest a copy) from the two rooms up there, in order to enter the room with the update.:

  • Encyclopedia of Mutagenica Vol I in the south room at 857, -21, 134 .
  • Encyclopedia of Mutagenica Vol II in the south room at 868, -21, 135 or the north room at 890, -21, 275 .
  • Encyclopedia of Mutagenica Vol III in the north room at 890, -21, 275 .

Once you go down the stairs, kill or distract the first named long enough for someone to pull the switch to lift the gate. In the hallway which is revealed, give the 3 books to a golem named Re'Adon at 990, -44, 341 , who will unlock the secret passage to the Library. Follow him through three walls, while killing the mobs that aggro along the way. He will stop in the central room.

The three books will now become non-agro mobs which, if anyone enters the room, will attack you. Wait for the heirophant to step out of the room, and then arrow-pull each book and kill it. Then kill the heirophant.

Several epic weapon quests update in this area.

Blue Shinies

There are only a couple spawns that are campable with just invising around.


While there are no quests that originate inside Chardok, there is an entire series that originates at the Gwalnax Brigade Tower in Kylong Plains.

See the Gwalnax Brigade Tower quests in the Kylong Plains Quest Series

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