An Ayonic Journey  

This quest is for the Fabled version of the Troubador-only Epic Weapon, Ayonic Axe.


  1. Speak with Maestra Orlita in the Thundering Steppes, in the back of the Centaur camp at 53, 0, 1390 .
  2. Speak with Lyricist Sha'son at -395.16, -56.95, 1.17 in East Freeport, on the island in the middle of the water where the Fences are.
  3. Speak with Lyricist Te'naj in East Freeport, in the Amphitheatre at the top of the hill at -22, -23, 112
  4. Speak with Lyricist Kuehja in Qeynos Harbor, on the balcony of the third floor of the building directly North of Fish's Alehouse and Inn at 817, -14, 36
  5. Speak with Lyricist Trucci in Qeynos Harbor at 830, -25, -20 .
  6. In South Qeynos, enter the red portal of the mage tower. Click on A Chaotic History book at 711, 42, 109 and read it to be offered the quest.


  1. Travel to Rivervale and enter the Laughing Trout (a small door amongst the roots of a large tree at -492.29, -0.34, -139.29 ). Click the hagralaphone at ( -444, -6, -155 )
  2. Travel to the Enchanted Lands and talk to Camfred at 300, 0, -293
  3. Travel to Antonica and go to the Tower of Vhalen at -1302, 38, 48 . Click the bell to summon a vision of Vhalen and speak with him.
  4. Travel to the Thundering Steppes and go to the Shrine of Decay at 359, 5, 1196 . Speak with the Ghost of Vhalen to receive the North Wind of Karana.
  5. Travel to Shimmering Citadel: Poets Palace and speak to the Djinn Master.
  6. Still in Poets Palace, rub the lamp called The Vessel of Music at -110, 295, -57 . The Ghost of Vhalen will appear. Speak to him in order to receive the West Wind of Karana.
  7. Travel to the Palace of the Awakened and make your way to the sixth floor. Speak to the Ghost of Vhalen near the harmony bookcase at 59, 141, 24 to receive the South Wind of Karana.
  8. Travel to Castle Mistmoore (entering through Mistmoore Catacombs) and make your way to the thaumaturge room at -253, 6, -15 . Click on Ornate Case 89 to receive the piano key. when you click on the case, you will receive "a small block" which is used to activate the piano in the next step.
  9. Return to the Castle Mistmoore entrance. Use the key on the piano in the main room to summon the Ghost of Vhalen and receive the East Wind of Karana.
  10. Go back to Rivervale and re-enter the Laughing Trout. Click the hagralaphone again ( -444, -6, -155 ) , at which point a 15 min timer starts.
  11. Travel to the Tower of the Drafling -495, 21, 41 and speak to Hagralazoo. When you finish the conversation, she will turn into an 82^^^ mob which you must kill (relatively easy kill). You will then receive an icy gem.
  12. Travel to Kylong Plains and head toward Teren's Grasp. Click the frozen totem at 1759, 461, -656 .
  13. Speak with Zyn'Phro at 1757, 463, -647 nearby to update the quest.
    • You must speak Druzaic to be able to talk to Zyn'Phro.
    • IMPORTANT: Be sure to select the second option "I seek the Ward of Kelkarn". If you do not, you will be attacked and will have to speak with Zyn'Phro again to continue. You will have to hail him in order to get him to speak again.
  14. Travel to the Gwalnax Brigade Tower in Kylong Plains and talk to Historian Holdak at 1496, 165, -2924 .
  15. Travel to Chardok and collect these artifacts:
    • The Flame of Shazzuk at the center of the wind chamber ( 32, -23, -458 )
    • The Statue of Thi'zok in first bridgekeeper room ( -352, -18, -541 )
    • The Eye of Gorowyn on 2nd floor of the island near the second sokokar post. Take the Spiral stairs down to -391, -103, -2 .
    • Blood of the Betrayer inside Court of Korucust, a bowl near the pit in the room to the right from the main hall ( -933, -69, 298 )
      • This can be soloed by running into the room and clicking the bowl quickly before the social finishes and the mobs become aggro.
    • The Box of Tortured Delights inside Court of Korucust, the red cube inside the cage ( -982, 29, 77 )
    • Hand of the Metal God in the corner of the room with Gaodon at -34, -54, 40 back outside in Chardok.
    • The Runes of Gor inside the barracks, down by the edge of the water, next to a Caroeth gatekeeper ( 205, -75, 95 ) . If sneaking you can stand at 212, -75, 103 in the water and click on the The Runes of Gor then evac or CoH out of the zone.
  16. Return to Historian Holdak with the artifacts. You will receive The Wards of Kelkarn.
  17. Play the The Wards of Kelkarn to protect yourself from the Ayonic curse.
  18. Travel to Torsis, The City Of Mist and click on the mandolin at -227, 148, -950 . Speak to the Ghost of Vhalen.
  19. Click the Yore Flame at -2430, 92, 1690 either jump or take the ramp down to under the platform at the Temple of the White Lady in Jarsath Wastes. This will begin the subquest Feeding the Flame of Yore.
    1. Acquire 10 xegonite clusters. They can be bought or traded, or in your inventory already in which case the quest will immediately update and you can proceed to click on the flame.
    2. Return to the Yore Flame and click it to summon the Shade of Modeus. Your 10 Xegonite clusters will be consumed during this step.
  20. Speak with the Shade of Modeus.
  21. Kill the following:
    • Sebilis: High Ambassador Guralz (or his placeholder) in the Audience Chamber at 99, 2, 412 .
    • Sebilis: Praetorian Captain Nagol (or his placeholder) near Venril Sathir's Lair at -8, -129, 476 .
    • The Crypt of Agony: Fallen Emperor Vekin
  22. Kill Drusella Sathir in Charasis: Maiden's Chamber.
  23. Click the 4 musical instruments in the corners of Drusella's Chamber.
    • When you click on the first one a meliva mistress will spawn and run around saying "You shall not have the harp!" She will become agro (82^^^ Heroic) and attack when you click on the 3rd or 4th instrument.
    • Some players report that not all four instruments spawn, and the quest completes without Melvia aggroing.
    • The instruments will respawn after a few minutes if you have trouble finding all four of them.
    • You will be rewarded the Ayonic Axe and The Wards of Kelkarn, a house item.

You need to place The Wards of Kelkarn in your character's home, and play them to begin the mythical version of the epic.

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