Riddled Again  

CategoryWorld Event
Level100 (Scales)
Related Zones:
Min Coin: 41s, 65c
Max Coin: 46s, 72c
Crimson Stone of Chance

This quest is only available on April 1 during the Bristlebane Day festivities. You must first have completed Riddled Throughout the Land before you will be offered this quest.

Speak to Imenand at 37, -1, -4 in the Enchanted Lands. He will ask you riddles until you get one correct before offering you this quest. Here are a couple of the riddles we received:

  • Q: Two pairs of fae mother-daughters are eating lunch at Joleena's Restaurant. The price of a meal for each fae is 10 silver. How much did their bill total?
  • A: 30 silver.

a snowman
a snowman
a coffin
a coffin

  • Q: One falls but doesn't break. The other breaks but doesn't fall. What are they?
  • A: Night and day.

Once you pass his test, he then goes into his quest dialogue. All of the objects you need to find for this quest are surrounded by blue sparkles.

Imenand, a sphinx philosopher and scholar I met in Enchanted Lands on highest Bristlebane Day, has challenged me to answer some more of his riddles.

  1. I am a man with a body, but no life. I have a mouth, but no breath. I was born of water and sun brings my death. What am I?
    • Seek the answer within the grasp of Kylong Plains. Take the wizard spires from Enchanted Lands to get there.
    • The answer is a snowman. It is found at 1934, 480, -818 in Teren's Grasp.
  2. Return to Imenand in Enchanted Lands.
  3. The one who created it doesn't want it. The one who purchased it doesn't need it. The one who needs it doesn't know it. What is it?
    • Seek the answer in the wanderer camps of The Commonlands. Take the wizard spires from Enchanted Lands to get there.
    • The answer is a coffin. It is found at 415, -48, -807 at the nomad camp northwest of the wizard spires (near Lucan's Mount).
  4. Return to Imenand in the Enchanted Lands to complete the quest.


Riddled Throughout the Land Bristlebane Day
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Bristlebane Day
Occurs annually around April Fool's Day.
Special one-day events on April 1st!
(Introduced in 2011)

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