Removing the Darkness From Within...  

This quest is for the Fabled version of the Ranger-only Epic Weapon, Eagle's Talon.


Start this quest by examining A Blackened Arrow Head, which drops from trakaraptors in Kunzar Jungle.

  1. Talk to Allysha Lanne in South Qeynos located on the second floor of The Herb Jar on Lucie Street at 649, -13, 240 Click here to go to EQ2Map .
  2. Speak to Robylie Sewnadel in the Enchanted Lands in The Glittering Mine at -68.5, -1.5, -1088
  3. Recover Robylie's Triocular Magiscope from a vampire den in the Loping Plains. It is in the single room by the jail area in Castle Mistmoore. ( -250.77, 4.90, -5.90 )
  4. Return to Robylie Sewnadel in the Enchanted Lands in The Glittering Mine.
  5. Head to Sebilis and kill iksars for osmotic stones updates.
  6. Head to to the Laboratory in Sebilis for the Reticulated Damagifier at -317, -22, 331
  7. Head to Teren's Grasp and talk to Dondal Sewnadel at 2246, 524, -968 for next update. (This step requires 50k faction with Teren's Grasp)
  8. Go to Highton to speak to Robylie Sewnadel again near the Highton Sokokar Post.
  9. Walk along the Gash of T'Thelin on the Karatun Hold side of the canyon till you get an update to track a wounded animal. ( 1239, 138, -2382 )
  10. Track for a blood splattered rock ( 1164, 138, -2468 ) , inspect it when you get to it.
  11. Track for a broken branch ( 974, 163, -2476 ) and inspect it when you get to it.
  12. It leads you to a deer to the eastern mountain wall at 847, 222, -2547 . Examining the deer corpse will spawn Enraged Wumpus. He is lvl 85 ^^^ and casts knockback for 5k+ damage every so often. Loot the chest it drops for a darkened arrow head. You'll have to do this for each Ranger in your group.
  13. Go to Fens of Nathsar. Start by finding a trail ( -556, -112, 1480 ) , then follow clues: Bones -755, -107, 1493 and a water hole -755, -146, 1320 ) to -858, -120, 1240 ). There is a froglok corpse there: Click it and an Enraged Razorfang will spawn. He fears, but can be duo'd or trio'd with a Ranger or with ranged classes. This monster has about 450k to 460K HP, a duo is recommended.
  14. Go to Kunzar Jungle and search around the poacher camp for an auto update ( -431, 22, 21 ) similar to the ones before. You need to find a campfire ( -613, 19, -99 ) and a horse ( -415, 23, -173 ) . Investigate the tent at -525, 43, -180 and an Enraged Poacher spawns. This is near Hunter Snake-Eye at -455, 42, -199 ).
  15. Return to Robylie Sewnadel in Highton.
  16. Robylie Sewnadel tells you to seek out a Ranger named Ryvenar Sal'Vara. Go to the Skleross Encampment in Jarsath Wastes. You MUST have Rain Caller in your inventory as well as 50k Clan Skleross Faction to get this update.
  17. Ryvenar Sal'Vara will send you to find a Fungus called Delupore. Go to Chelsith and clear to where the mucous named is. Fulgothom the Ichorous, an 85 ^^^ will spawn when you get close. He did not pop when stealthed. Kill Fulgothom the Ichorous and Delupore will spawn as a harvestable mushroom for your update.
  18. Head to Kunzar Jungle to the Reet Camp, speak to Fisherman Quurp to get the other Fungus Sample (40,000 Faction with Reets is needed) and you need to speak Froak.
  19. Time to head to Jarsath Wastes and to Skyfire Mountains to kill Wurms for 25 Wurm meats, this is a rare update. Seems to update from any of the wurms.
  20. Head back to Fisherman Quurp in the Reet Camp to receive your second Fungus Sample.
  21. Talk to Ryvenar Sal'Vara back in the Skleross Camp in Jarsath Wastes. He will send you off to find an ancient map book.
  22. Inspect a Book Case at -836, -6, -105 in the House of Circles in Rivervale.
  23. Head to the drafling tower. Inside click the book shelf to zone into The Tower of the Drafling: Elite Bixie Hive. Once inside, clear level 85^^^ Elite Bixie Soldiers (they respawn so don't die) until you get to the last room ( -146, 82, 54 ) Click bookcase to spawn Persadura level 85^^^ named (gives AA but no loot & may spawn again right after she's killed). After the fight Brenlo Bixiebopper IV will run out. Hail him to get Planes of Power: A Complete History! book.
  24. Find the four missing pages of the book:
    • Map page 1 - The Ruins of Varsoon in the Tome of Life room at 6, 5, 72 .
    • Map page 2 - Nektropos Castle in the library on a table at -15, 14, 59 .
    • Map page 3 - Stormhold Library, behind bookcases in the middle of the room at -118, -32, -141 .
    • Map page 4 - The Concordium Tower (South Qeynos), take the red portal. It's under the staircase at 707, 41, 94 .
  25. Return to Ryvenar Sal'vara
  26. Head to Chardok to kill Severclaw level 86^^^ at 765, -30, 211 ; he autospawns when you move near back wall. Easier fight then Enraged Wumpus but need good dps. If you kill too slow mobs in area repop. Also, if you're standing in the wrong spot, he may spawn again, so be ready!
  27. Return to Ryvenar Sal'vara to claim your bow, the Eagle's Talon!

Speak with Ryvenar Sal'Vara again to start the quest for your Mythical.

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Trivia Brenlo Bixiebopper is the forum handle of Alan Crosby, a former Senior Producer of EQII (he was Global Community Relations Manager when this quest was introduced). He's known to tease about nerfing rangers.

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