Avess Ryiss  

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Zone:Jarsath Wastes
Faction:Legion of Danak
Classifications:Biped, Coldblooded, Kunark Iksar, Living, Organic, Sentient, Terrestrial
Barbute of Benevolence 80Armor
Barbute of Furious Execution 80Armor
Barbute of the Apathetic 80Armor
Barbute of the Vigilant 80Armor
Boots of Abrupt Pursuasion 80Armor
Boots of Enlivened Chance 80Armor
Boots of Intuitive Grace 80Armor
Boots of Lamenting Ballads 80Armor
Boots of Magnetism 80Armor
Boots of Natura's Grace 80Armor
Boots of Obstinate Resolution 80Armor
Boots of Prophetic Reliance 80Armor
Bracers of Enlivened Chance 80Armor
Bracers of Lamenting Ballads 80Armor
Bracers of Magnetism 80Armor
Bracers of Obstinate Resolution 80Armor
Breastplate of Benevolence 80Armor
Breastplate of Enlightened Credence 80Armor
Breastplate of Furious Execution 80Armor
Breastplate of Judgment 80Armor
Breastplate of the Apathetic 80Armor
Breastplate of the Vigilant 80Armor
Cap of Elemental Fascination 80Armor
Cap of Grave Reckoning 80Armor
Cap of Nexus Disruption 80Armor
Cap of Sepulchral Judgment 80Armor
Cap of Shimmering Hues 80Armor
Cap of Spectral Coercion 80Armor
Chestguard of Prophetic Reliance 80Armor
Coat of Enlivened Chance 80Armor
Coat of Lamenting Ballads 80Armor
Coat of Magnetism 80Armor
Coat of Obstinate Resolution 80Armor
Coif of Enlivened Chance 80Armor
Coif of Lamenting Ballads 80Armor
Coif of Magnetism 80Armor
Coif of Obstinate Resolution 80Armor
Cowl of Elemental Fascination 80Armor
Cowl of Grave Reckoning 80Armor
Cowl of Nexus Disruption 80Armor
Cowl of Sepulchral Judgment 80Armor
Cowl of Shimmering Hues 80Armor
Cowl of Spectral Coercion 80Armor
Cuffs of Elemental Fascination 80Armor
Cuffs of Grave Reckoning 80Armor
Cuffs of Nexus Disruption 80Armor
Cuffs of Sepulchral Judgment 80Armor
Cuffs of Shimmering Hues 80Armor
Cuffs of Spectral Coercion 80Armor
Dark Tempest Boots 80Armor
Dark Tempest Gloves 80Armor
Dark Tempest Leggings 80Armor
Dark Tempest Shoulder Pads 80Armor
Dark Tempest Skullcap 80Armor
Dark Tempest Tunic 80Armor
Dark Tempest Wristguards 80Armor
Gauntlets of Benevolence 80Armor
Gauntlets of Enlightened Credence 80Armor
Gauntlets of Furious Execution 80Armor
Gauntlets of Judgment 80Armor
Gauntlets of the Apathetic 80Armor
Gauntlets of the Vigilant 80Armor
Gloves of Abrupt Pursuasion 80Armor
Gloves of Elemental Fascination 80Armor
Gloves of Enlivened Chance 80Armor
Gloves of Grave Reckoning 80Armor
Gloves of Intuitive Grace 80Armor
Gloves of Lamenting Ballads 80Armor
Gloves of Magnetism 80Armor
Gloves of Natura's Grace 80Armor
Gloves of Nexus Disruption 80Armor
Gloves of Obstinate Resolution 80Armor
Gloves of Sepulchral Judgment 80Armor
Gloves of Shimmering Hues 80Armor
Gloves of Spectral Coercion 80Armor
Greaves of Benevolence 80Armor
Greaves of Furious Execution 80Armor
Greaves of the Apathetic 80Armor
Greaves of the Vigilant 80Armor
Gussets of Benevolence 80Armor
Gussets of Furious Execution 80Armor
Gussets of the Apathetic 80Armor
Gussets of the Vigilant 80Armor
Handguards of Prophetic Reliance 80Armor
Helm of Enlightened Credence 80Armor
Helm of Judgment 80Armor
Helm of Prophetic Reliance 80Armor
Insidious Boots 80Armor
Insidious Bracers 80Armor
Insidious Coat 80Armor
Insidious Coif 80Armor
Insidious Gloves 80Armor
Insidious Leggings 80Armor
Insidious Mantle 80Armor
Leggings of Enlivened Chance 80Armor
Leggings of Lamenting Ballads 80Armor
Leggings of Magnetism 80Armor
Leggings of Natura's Grace 80Armor
Leggings of Obstinate Resolution 80Armor
Leggings of Prophetic Reliance 80Armor
Legplates of Enlightened Credence 80Armor
Legplates of Judgment 80Armor
Mantle of Enlivened Chance 80Armor
Mantle of Lamenting Ballads 80Armor
Mantle of Magnetism 80Armor
Mantle of Obstinate Resolution 80Armor
Pantaloons of Elemental Fascination 80Armor
Pantaloons of Grave Reckoning 80Armor
Pantaloons of Nexus Disruption 80Armor
Pantaloons of Sepulchral Judgment 80Armor
Pantaloons of Shimmering Hues 80Armor
Pantaloons of Spectral Coercion 80Armor
Pants of Abrupt Pursuasion 80Armor
Pants of Intuitive Grace 80Armor
Pauldrons of Enlightened Credence 80Armor
Pauldrons of Judgment 80Armor
Reckless Plunder Boots 80Armor
Reckless Plunder Bracers 80Armor
Reckless Plunder Coat 80Armor
Reckless Plunder Coif 80Armor
Reckless Plunder Gloves 80Armor
Reckless Plunder Leggings 80Armor
Reckless Plunder Mantle 80Armor
Robe of Elemental Fascination 80Armor
Robe of Grave Reckoning 80Armor
Robe of Nexus Disruption 80Armor
Robe of Sepulchral Judgment 80Armor
Robe of Shimmering Hues 80Armor
Robe of Spectral Coercion 80Armor
Sabatons of Benevolence 80Armor
Sabatons of Furious Execution 80Armor
Sabatons of the Apathetic 80Armor
Sabatons of the Vigilant 80Armor
Shoulder Pads of Abrupt Pursuasion 80Armor
Shoulder Pads of Intuitive Grace 80Armor
Shoulder Pads of Natura's Grace 80Armor
Shoulder Pads of Prophetic Reliance 80Armor
Skullcap of Abrupt Pursuasion 80Armor
Skullcap of Intuitive Grace 80Armor
Skullcap of Natura's Grace 80Armor
Slippers of Elemental Fascination 80Armor
Slippers of Grave Reckoning 80Armor
Slippers of Nexus Disruption 80Armor
Slippers of Sepulchral Judgment 80Armor
Slippers of Shimmering Hues 80Armor
Slippers of Spectral Coercion 80Armor
Soothsayer's Boots 80Armor
Soothsayer's Chestguard 80Armor
Soothsayer's Handguards 80Armor
Soothsayer's Helm 80Armor
Soothsayer's Leggings 80Armor
Soothsayer's Shoulder Pads 80Armor
Soothsayer's Wristguards 80Armor
Spaulders of Benevolence 80Armor
Spaulders of Furious Execution 80Armor
Spaulders of the Apathetic 80Armor
Spaulders of the Vigilant 80Armor
Spiritlinked Boots 80Armor
Spiritlinked Bracers 80Armor
Spiritlinked Chestguard 80Armor
Spiritlinked Coif 80Armor
Spiritlinked Gloves 80Armor
Spiritlinked Leggings 80Armor
Spiritlinked Sleeves 80Armor
Tonlets of Enlightened Credence 80Armor
Tonlets of Judgment 80Armor
Tunic of Abrupt Pursuasion 80Armor
Tunic of Intuitive Grace 80Armor
Tunic of Natura's Grace 80Armor
Vambraces of Enlightened Credence 80Armor
Vambraces of Judgment 80Armor
Wristguards of Abrupt Pursuasion 80Armor
Wristguards of Intuitive Grace 80Armor
Wristguards of Natura's Grace 80Armor
Wristguards of Prophetic Reliance 80Armor