Klok Zlazx  

Zone:Fens of Nathsar
Purpose:Riliss Quartermaster
Classifications:Biped, Coldblooded, Kunark Iksar, Living, Organic, Sentient, Terrestrial

Riliss Quartermaster

This NPC will only interact with you if:
  • You have sufficient faction with Riliss
    • Your faction must be at least Indifferent to view his wares.
    • Your faction must be at least 10,000 (Recipes) or 40,000 (Items) to buy or sell goods or services with this vendor.

This merchant sells all Advanced Artisan Volumes from level 70 to 75 ( 6g  to 10g  each), plus some special volumes, and some faction items from levels 68 to 72 (around 5p  each).

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