Kunzar Jungle  

Level75 - 80
ExpansionRise of Kunark

This zone contains the old EQ1 zones Emerald Jungle and Trakanon's Teeth.

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The City of Jinisk

The City of Jinisk citizens will be aggressive to you, initially, but will warm up to you quickly. Trader Hisk Varn should be able to help you with introductions once you gain his trust.

Kunzar Jungle Villagers

There are small villages scattered all over the jungle. The villagers have no great love for the Jiniskians or the Sathirians. There will generally by one NPC at each of these villages that will wish to employ your services.

Ry'zilk's Renegades

A group of sarnaks, led by Field Chief Ry'zilk, are camped on a ledge northwest of Jinisk. Speak to Sharpeye Scoz to begin earning their trust.

Tabernacle of Pain

The Swifttail Caste of Cabilis have relocated their training grounds to Kunzar, and continue training new generations in the shackle system, from clay to steel and even tynnonium. Emissary Tranz will wish to test you before you are admitted for training.

Hidden Plunderers' Camp

Near The City of Mist, and despite Venril Sathir's absolute decree that noone enter the old city under pain of death (or worse), a few hearty entrepreneurs still sneak across the river into the city to search for ancient artifacts and other items of value. Skulker Traz may be able to get you a space in their esteemed ranks, but you may have to remove a few other would-be members first....

Dalnir's Wheel Taskmasters

Having learned from their past, the residents of Sebilis no longer allow froglok slaves to roam around, preferring to keep them occupied at Dalnir's Wheel, working to provide the city with food and water at a safe distance. The Taskmasters have a few needs as well, and pay well if you don't mind the smell of the slaves. And never mind those rumors you may have heard about a growing army of freed frogloks hiding in the nearby swamp. Taskmaster Gax could be your first point of contact, here.

Synod Reet

They may not be an army (yet) but a few ex-slaves can raise an aweful lot ire, especially if they seek the blessings of Bertoxxulous in their desire to be free. Assistant Pubbit will have a task by which you can prove your friendship, but as they need powerful friends he will not speak to you until you are at least level 74.

Outer Sebilis Residents

There is much in the jungle that concerns Sebilis, and there is always commerce to consider. Associate Tuz and his friend in the jungle, Hunter Snake-Eye, are your entryway to acceptance here. Once inside there are many who can make use of your talents, from a scholar to a general, but not all of them are what you might call "loyal" citizens of the Empire.

The Order of Rime

Game Update #52
Monument and Might
June 16, 2009
Strange invaders have been seen within the jungle. What can these Rime folks possibly want here?

Speak with Zikana Sly'ssar in The City of Jinisk to see what you can do to help!

GU56 Travel Changes

The Sokokar network provides service to:

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