The Call of Fear  

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  1. Seek out the disillusioned crusaders in Outer Sebilis ( Kunzar Jungle).
    1. Speak to the Sathirian shaman, Hierophant Rodalia, at -346, -116, 1009
    2. Speak to the influential trooper, Captain Anguric, at -437, -122, 950
    3. Speak to one who knows logistics and and supplies, Quartermaster Hedoral, at -261, -118, 1068
  2. Venture into Sebilis and locate weapons, armor and supplies within the city.
    1. Find 5 supply crates: Mercantile District around -171, -14, 171 (4) or the Training Hall and Study (5).
    2. Find 5 weapons: In The Enlisted Barracks (4) and the Officer's Barracks (at least 2)
    3. Find 5 pieces of armor: Also in the Enlisted Barracks (2) and the Officer's Barracks (at least 3)
  3. Return to Xuurk and he will task you to speak with Dominus Rile or a representative of his.
    1. Travel to Riliss and locate Proctor Talnisk and speak to him about an alliance. ( -800, 67, -88 )
  4. He will send you to Charasis: Vault of Eternal Sleep to locate an item of great importance.
    1. The item is in a jewelry box on the left right after you enter the Praetor of the Phylactery room.
  5. Return to the Proctor with the necklace to complete the agreement.
    1. Return to Xuurk after speaking with the Proctor to complete The Call of Fear quest and receive The Path of Fear.

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