A Paladin's Crusade  

This quest is for the Fabled version of the Paladin-only Epic Weapon, The Truth of Marr.

  1. Enter the West Freeport Militia House, go down the stairs to the jail and hail Kaherdin Surechest at 140,-25,150
  2. Take Valeron Dushire's Testimony to Blurrp Braveblade in Lesser Faydark at -261,-67,371 , standing on a rock in the river near the Fae Court.
    • He will then send you to The Celestial Watch at the Temple of Life in North Qeynos to speak to Priestess Avarona Wenhaver at 10,-4,-11 .
  3. Speak to Priestess Avarona Wenhaver in North Qeynos.
    • Priestess Wenhaver will tell you to go to a 'dark and untamed' place in Kunark and look for a sign of Marr.
  4. Perform the sub-quest, A Reet's Freedom.
  5. Return to Priestess Avarona Wenhaver in North Qeynos.
  6. Go to the Kunzar Jungle and fly to The Abandoned Village. From there, walk east until you see an ethereal sword sticking out of the ground ( -643,21,-162 ) . You will be stunned at -694.68,38.95,-225.50 and it will initiate a conversation between you and a spirit, which tells you to find the paladin epic weapon, The Truth of Marr.
  7. Return to Priestess Avarona Wenhaver in North Qeynos.
    • The priestess tells you a bit about The Truth of Marr, and recommends that you to go find Izzal Din, a historian of holy lore and relics, in the Jarsath Wastes -689,-108,-854 . Izzal will not offer a quest, simply proceed to the Somborn Graveyard in Loping Plains step next.
  8. Izzal Din sends you to find A Faygannen Bloom.
  9. Izzal tells you a bit more lore and informs you that the iksars have been using an item of malevolence to inflict pain in their worship of Cazic-Thule.
    • Somewhere in Kunark find an Item of malevolence being used by the Iksar.
  10. Clear the Shard of Fear.
  11. Go to Kunzar Jungle to The Tabernacle of Pain and hail a Swifttail caste servant at -250,-62,181 .
  12. You will immediately be attacked by a ring event of ^81 monks that concludes with Grandmaster Kordaz. He stuns a lot and is very difficult to solo so, you will want to bring friends. If you fail you LOSE your Mark of Terror and must get another!
  13. After Grandmaster Kordaz is dead, talk with a Swifttail caste servant again and she will send you to the Monk Temple of the Grandmasters at Tabernacle and loot the Malevolent blade. ( -110,-39,190 )
  14. Inspect it for your reward
Paladin Epic Weapon
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