Take Your Own Revenge  

CategoryKunzar Jungle
Started Bysmall locked box
Related Zone:
Required Mobs:
Min Coin: 19g, 93s, 2c
Max Coin: 22g, 2s, 3c
Pocket Iron Golem
Faction Changes:

Examine the small locked box you found during A Suitable Reward to start this quest.

  1. Confront Ganiz about the fire trap that nearly killed you.
  2. Speak to Skulker Nazin back at the Hidden Plunderers' Camp
    Ganiz's bottle and chest
    Ganiz's bottle and chest
    • He tells you that he knows for a fact that Skulker Ganiz tried to kill you with that chest trap. He overheard Ganiz telling his cronies about it. He was using you to clear the way to the chest so he could step in behind your dead, burnt body and grab the chest! Nazin suggests that poison can be an excellent method of revenge....
  3. Kill a mistgoblin and get his blood
  4. Put the mistgoblin blood in Ganiz's drink
    • click on the wine bottle on the ground next to him. He immediately takes a drink, and dies.
  5. Take the key from Ganiz's chest to open the box and find the treasure, the Pocket Iron Golem
    Pocket Iron Golem
    Pocket Iron Golem
A Suitable Reward Kunzar Jungle
Quest Series
Hidden Plunderer's Camp
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