The Path of Fear  

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  1. Travel to Ganak's Battlement in Jarsath Wastes and speak with Lieutenant Vakrisan Sakulvik. ( -170, -40, -77 )
  2. He will send you to speak with Captain Delshirrs at the Danak docks. ( -272, -45, 1192 )
    1. Speak with Captain Delshirrs.
    2. Wait for the Captain to walk down the dock to the far ship and aggro the far seas crew.
    3. Defeat the 4 linked 80^ fars seas crewmen.
    4. Speak to Captain Delshirrs again.
  3. Place the notices of Xuurk's announcement (look for a small clipboard):
    1. Jarsath Wastes: Ganak's Battlement and place the notice on the front gate. ( -219, -42, -56 )
    2. Kunzar Jungle: City of Jinisk and place the notice on the pillar in front of the broker. ( 634, 36, -125 )
    3. Fens of Nathsar: Sathir's Span and place the notice at ( -149, -7, 1004 )
  4. Return to Xuurk to complete The Path of Fear quest and receive The Triumph of Fear.

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