The Broken Fist  

This quest is part 2 of 2 for the Fabled version of the Bruiser-only Epic Weapon, Gorynn's Fist.

Equip Gorynn's Fist you received from The Fist of War and attack something. It will break. Examine the broken remnants.

  1. Speak with Gurb The Master Weaponsmith in West Freeport at 86, -10, -53 .
    • Acquire 50 ferrite clusters before moving on to the next step, otherwise you will have to redo it when you have the clusters
  2. Speak with a Dervish craftsman in the Dervish camp in The Commonlands at 1410, -17, 280 .
  3. Retune to the Juggernaunt Gymnasium in West Freeport (the entrance is at 300, -3, 129 and speak with The Big Boss.
  4. Go to Jarsath Wastes and speak with Borga Rallok in the Skyfire Mountains at -2345, 230, 1130 .
    1. Speak with him again when you are ready to fight and he will spawn three level 83 iksar spirit soldiers that are a single group. Kill them.
    2. Speak to Borga Rallok again .
  5. Head to Chardok and make your way down deep into the Chardok Palace to find the four giant stones.
    1. First stone: 906, -66, 545 on the floor.
      • The first three stones are found in the hidden library section of the Palace. To get into this section, you need to collect three encyclopedia books from the two rooms in the upstairs sections of the palace. Once you have the three books, head downstairs. Open the hidden wall by clicking on the lever behind a Gorowyn palace adjutant (or it's named equivalent). Hail Re'Adon. He will open up a hidden section of wall. Follow him down past two hidden walls then continue until you enter a circular room with no exit. This is the location of the first giant stone.
    2. Second stone: {{eq2 loc|870, -78, 602}) in the left room.
      • Next, look for a clickable book on the first shelf called Passage to Oblivion. It can appear on any of the bookshelves. Click it to open another hidden passage. At the bottom of this passage there will be a room to the left and right. The second and third giant stones are found in these rooms on the first shelf of the bookshelves, lying flat.
    3. Third stone: 971, -78, 605 in the right room, across from the second stone.
    4. Fourth stone: 1083, -50, 80 standing against the wall.
      • The last stone is found in the room to the north of the Queen's Chamber behind a golem. Leave the library and head west into a room with no exit. At the back of the room will be a lever to pull, which opens a section of wall to the north. Head north past the Queen's Chamber (which is to the west). In the northernmost room, you will find the giant stone.
  6. Next, track down the Guardians of the Four Arms of Gorynn and take their amulets. (can be done in any order)
    • "a powerful man that lives around furry elephants"
      • You will need 5 Fiery Magma Infusions for this step.
    • Go to Everfrost and start heading to Permafrost. In the sea outside of Permafrost go to the island at 162, -38, -1696 . When you step onto the island, Einar McPherson will appear. Hail with your five infusions and he will spawn as a 82^^^ to 85^^^. Kill him.
    • "an orc standing on a cliff"
      • You need a Claws of Fyst. There are two ways to get one, and you'll need an ebon cluster either way:
        1. Make your own: Acquire a The Legends of Fyst recipe by either buying it on the broker or killing A Broken Shackle Instructor or his named counterpart Grand Master Sathaz at 88, -11, 203 in Sebilis until one drops. Any class can scribe this recipe, but it only drops with a Bruiser on this step in the group. Scribe the recipe and make the Claws of Fyst.
        2. Have one commissioned: Find a Bruiser who has completed this step and have them craft the Claws of Fyst for you via the commission system.
      • Go to the the Clefts of Rujark. Head up to the third level; halfway up a cliff on a ledge at -68, 38, -66 will be Champion Gorlok . Drop down from the third level to hail him, you will need to be able to speak Orcish.
        • He tells you that he wants the claws and recipe of a Sathirian lizard monk master. If you have the Claws of Fyst with you, he will respawn as a 84^^^. Kill him for the update.
    • "the gluttonous giant"
      • In Fens of Nathsar, head to the beach north of the Field of Bone. Follow the shore line to the northwest until you see a large bucket on the ground at -985, -400, -2904 .
      • Click this bucket to receive the sub-quest A Big Fish Bowl.
        1. Kill 50 each swordfish and sharks in Jarsath Wastes
      • Once done return to Fens and click on the bucket again.
      • A giant (Granitegrip) will walk down the beach very slowly towards the full bucket and attack you. The giant can be between 80^^^ and 85^^^. Kill the giant for your update.
    • "the ogre gladiator"
      • Head to the Feerrott back near The Temple of Cazic-Thule. Around -1801, -10, 759 you will find Ogg Kryn'Rok wandering around.
      • Hail and challenge him/her for the amulet. She/he will tell you a story of how she/he lost it to another for your update.
  7. Go to Kunzar Jungle and head up the river to the top of the first waterfall. There will be an empty building at 421, 46, -297 where The Big Boss will appear when you get near. Hail and go through his dialogue. He's on a 15 minute timer. Hail him again, he will spawn as a 81^^^. Kill him.
    • You must be able to speak Halasian for this step.
    • You must have completed The Trial of Tynnonium or the Big Boss will not allow you to fight him.
  8. Speak to Borga Rallok in the Skyfire Mountains in Jarsath Wastes at -2345, 230, 1130 .
  9. Go to Chelsith and kill Majora Leviathora at -351, 24, -65 .
    • Click the chest in the water in the wall of Majora's pit. Open the chest with the Four Arms of Gorynn to receive Gorynn's Fist.

Speak to Borga Rallok to start the quest for the Mythical version of the Epic.

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