Restock the Wheel  

NOTE: This quest does NOT require high harvesting skills. The nodes are "special" nodes that anyone can harvest!

  1. Complete the following steps in any order:
    • Gather 3 lengths of wood from fallen logs. Look for fallen trees. There are plenty north of Cookie's tent around ( -122,-120,650 ) .
    • Mine caches of stone from nearby stone boulders. These are big stones, not the same as you mine for crafting materials. Found mine around ( 91,-117,597 ) .
    • Kill 4 kunzar scaleshredders in the water just west of where the quest is started.
  2. Return to Taskmaster Gax to complete the quest.
Kunzar Jungle
Quest Series
Dalnir's Wheel
Faction: Dalnir's Wheel Taskmasters
Recover the Lost Slaves
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