The Search for Vel'Arek  

This quest is for the Fabled version of the Guardian-only Epic Weapon, Vel'Arek.

You will need to speak Thulian, have completed The Screaming Mace, +40,000 faction with Legion of Danak, and the Jinisk to complete this quest.

To start this quest, talk with Jimbo in Windstalker Village (Antonica), at -1873.88, -35.10, -636.08 . You must have the Bone Bladed Claymore with you.

  1. Head to The Commonlands, to 619, -57, 208 , and click the scroll in the water next to the skelly (scroll of froglok flesh). Read the scroll to update your quest. It's on about a 5 minute timer.
  2. Go to Feerrott and pick up a tablet at -914, 0, 551
    1. When you first click this, a yellow solo mob will attack you named Medic Chief Gorza. He's easily solo killed.
    2. Click the tablet again.
  3. Go to The Temple of Cazic-Thule and head inside the temple to Kelteez the Covetous at 4.87, -12.75, -77.21 .
    1. He asks for the Screaming Mace, so make sure you have it on you. You must have completed the The Screaming Mace to obtain the weapon.
  4. Head to Jarsath Wastes, inside the Danak Shipyards. You need to purchase the Rallosian Garrison Journal from Eviss Ryiss ( -106, -40, 1106 ) for 2 platinum, 40 gold. You will need 40,000 faction with Legion of Danak to be able to purchase this item. Read the book.
  5. Go to the Kunzar Jungle. At 374.77, 6.83, -281.76 you'll see a wall you can break. Break it, then go in to 532.34, -7.43, -434.86 . Click the sword, and a ghost will pop up. Talk to him.
  6. You are sent to kill Urduuk The Desecrator. He's in Shard of Fear at -249, 25, -234 . Before you can kill him, you must break him out of his prison. He wants you to find 4 things...
    1. a fragment of this plane (Terror in Shard of Fear.)
    2. a censer of the Faceless to place the fragment. This is in Sebilis, from a Sathirian patron in the South Eastern area, or from a Sathirian Vicar in vicinity of the Centurian Dining Room and Kitchen.
    3. an ancient sigil of divine undoing. This is a ground spawn in Chelsith, by the random named.
    4. an essence of a Fear curse. This is from Garanel Rucksif, the Cursed in The Estate of Unrest)
    5. After you get all four updates, head back to Shard of Fear but you have to zone in a new one, or Urduuk won't give you updates. Speak to him and he will escape, also you get Shackles of Horror.
  7. Bring the Shackle back to The Commonlands, where you found the body at 619, -57, 208 , use the shackle and Urduuk The Desecrator will spawn as an 85^^^ mob, kill him and get the updates.
  8. Back to Kunzar Jungle to talk to ghost of Vel'Arek. He wants you to recover eight ID Tags from military units of Rallosians of Glory.
    1. Cusmar's tag: Purchased from faction merchant in The City of Jinisk in Kunzar Jungle for 4p 80g.
    2. Eloc's tag: Harvestable in the Danak Shipyards in Jarsath Wastes. Reported at -52, -49, +1220. , -13, -40, 1094 , -122, -50, 1231 and -27, -41, 1121 .
    3. Rabid's tag: Dropped by Impaler Tzilug in Charasis: Maiden's Chamber in Jarsath Wastes
    4. Modi's tag: Dropped by trash in the Skyfire Mountains in Jarsath Wastes
    5. Tank's tag: Harvestable in The Court of Korucust, an instance in Chardok, at -763, -57, 234
    6. Elno's tag: Head to -1567, -376, -1839 in Fens of Nathsar and kill trash mobs to spawn 85^^^ Digmaster Bonerattler with adds, kill it to get the update.
    7. Remej's tag: Clickable on skeleton next to the ghost of Vel'Arek in Kunzar Jungle at 528, -8, -436
    8. Limik's tag: Limk's tag is from Thunderbelly in Camp Kromdek in Fens of Nathsar at 882, -290, -1935 . You need to bring him 12 each of Crispy Fried King Prawn Heads, Torsis Tea Ice Cream, Juicy Cranberry Cobbler, Cocoa-Dusted Wedding Cake. You can buy these on the broker or get a Provisioner to help.
  9. After turning in the tags to Vel'Arek, he sends you to kill the one responsible for the Siege of Tallon's Point. This is Ganak, so go to Charasis: Vault of Eternal Sleep and grab the Phylactery of the Darslayer from in front of the final named.
  10. After getting the phylactery, take it to Ganak's Old Crypt in Kunzar Jungle. Use the phylactery inside the tomb (which breaks it) and it will spawn Dominus Ganak as an 85^^^ mob, kill the guy. Warning: He de-spawns after 4 minutes! Go back to Val'Arek and get your weapon.
    • Note: If you are not at this step and use the Phylactery, Ganak will spawn as an Epic mob!

Once you have your Fabled Vel'Arek, if you are 85 you may skip the mythical requirements and go right to the Level 90 Update quests, if you like.

The Bone Bladed Claymore Guardian Epic Weapon
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