The Tower of the Drafling  

Level35 - 50
TypeInstanced Indoor


Level 35 to 50 (Heroic)
Success18 hours
The Tower of the Drafling is a high level access zone that is located in Rivervale at -490,1,-29 . The zone is a bee hive, and is the home to the bixies.

While it may seem to the player that everything is enormous, this is not the case. There is magic at work that makes the bixies man-sized when they leave the nest and shrinks anything entering to bee-sized. Note the arrows sticking into the outside of the nest which you click on to enter. These are the giant barbed "spear" heads you see in the first room!

TpyoOn the Zone Reuse window, this zone is called Drafling Tower, rather than The Tower of the Drafling.

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