The Whispering Pines  

This lengthy quest is initiated by examining Corian Pinewhipser's Notes. This item is dropped on monsters in the Enchanted Lands (Grimmins confirmed).

The quest requires three long steps: 1) Hunt living oak (Treants) in Rivervale. Kill 12. 2) Hunt Horroroots/Brambles for hardened oak in Rivervale. Kill 12. 3) Harvest 25 Briarwood. 140 harvesting thus required. 4) Find suitable glue. The bixies in Drafling Tower have it. You need six pieces. This requires access to the Tower of the Drafling. This is obtained by completing the "The Mysterious Drafling" quest (see related quests).

  • Stage One complete*
Next you will need to: 1) Dip the bow in the waters of the Spiral Lake in Zek (it actually updated before I had touched the water) 2) Hunt Gorehorn hulks in Runnyeye to get sinew. Need 18. (down in room with the Evil Eye Attendants, groups of 2 x 41^ and 3-4 x 39-41 from what I saw. Also groups with Named types, so be careful...) 3) Hunt Lamia in Rivervale to collect sinew. Kill 25.
  • Stage Two complete*
Next on the list: 1) I need to find a strong magical horn in Rivervale (Nightbloods, took about 10 to get this update) 2) I should find tainted nymph hair in Rivervale. Need 8 (^^ ones or sapplings). 3) I should find the tainted fairy hair I need in Rivervale. Need 8. 4) I need to find enchanted threads on the scarecrows in Rivervale. Need 8. 5) I should find waxy bee wings in the Tower of the Drafling. Need 8 (the solo bees not far from the enterance are fine).

Upon killing the last fairy and studying the quest notes again, you will receive your reward

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