A Caravan of Death  

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Hrath's Altar of Bertoxxulous
Decaying Mist Receptacle
Faction Changes:

  1. You are sent to meet the bloodthirsty little Arasai, Yersenia Sistephinos 859,12,195 .
  2. She gives you a Decaying Mist Receptacle to place in a Drolvarg camp by a hollow stump on the other side of the lake and south of Karnor's Castle, at 512.47,13.73,-110.38 .
    • It is a big fallen tree by the lake shore. The mobs are called a drolvarg fodderling. Drop the keg, they attack but then all die - if you are low level you might also die, so watch out!
  3. Speak to Yersenia again.
  4. She gives you a crate of decaying mist receptacles. She also suggests you take allies.
  5. Speak with Kefitzat Haderech next to her (note the Dune reference) to arrange transport to the meeting point.
  6. You appear next to Kaizik Tyvkl and are then attacked by a group of four Heroic 66 drolvargs.
  7. Speak to Kaizik again.
  8. Return to Hrath Everstill and get your upgraded altar.
Noxiousity Bertoxxulous
Quest Series
The Plaguebringer Cometh
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