For a Few Coins More  

Command of the Di'Zokian language is required to start or complete this quest.

  1. Speak to Anda, again. She tells you that the halfling in black is at Varis.
  2. Speak with Colonel Leevan at -430, 119, -361 , the update is timed and you have to fight him. Keep talking... and make a pact.
  3. Find the Odd, Bluish drolvarg (Indigo) that you saw leaving The Temple of Gra'al Shul when you were there to destroy the listening crystal.
  4. Speak with Indigo towards Fens at -1665, 85, -597 . He tells you to find the 4 Tablets of the Serpent Chief.
  5. Click on The Chest of Charnax at 1243, 452, -1165 . It is locked.
    a Di'Zok notice
    a Di'Zok notice
    a magic key
    a magic key
    1. Inspect a Di'Zok notice at the entrance to the tower, just inside the opening, at 1243,428,-1170 . The clipboard tells you about the death of Warlord Fardax in the Icebound Pass. He will hold the key. Find a magic key at 1331, 384, -779 in the yeti caves. It spawns on the ground, behind a rock.
    2. Return to the chest and use the key to open the chest and retrieve the Tablet of the Shark Hunter The tablet is now named "The Tablet of Youth".
  6. Go to Westin Rouk for The Chest of Rouk, at 826, 413, -1591 . This chest is, of course, locked.
    1. Go down the tower and talk to the frog, Seepay, at 847,384,-1541
    2. Kill foremen in the first cave tunnel left of the main tunnel ( around 717,431,-1483 ) in the Ryjesium Mines, and get 4 spider gems.
      a bladder of coins
      a bladder of coins
    3. Go to Karatun Hold, at 822, 89, -2233 and steal a bladder of coins. This will be in one of the buildings in the giant fort, located on the table or on the tree stump. It is random after each harvest.
    4. Return the stolen gems and coins to Seepay
    5. Wait for Seepay to open the chest. Do not hail him again or it will just delay his start. Follow him back up to the chest and retrieve the Tablet of the Lost.
  7. Locate The Chest of Gwalnax at 1478,165,-2904 in The Gwalnax Brigade tower near the sarnak capital of Chardok. It is empty!
  8. a sarnak petroglyph
    a sarnak petroglyph
    Speak to Historian Holdak just outside the tower room. He requires you to retrieve 4 sarnak petroglyphs from the Wurm Caves.
    1. The petroglyphs are in the Den of the Brood Mother at 1654,215,-2055 . They look like the Tier 2 gem-bearing rocks. They will spawn 3 nodes at a time & respawn is about 1 minute.
    2. Return to the tower and speak with Historian Holdak and he will give you the Tablet of the Wizard.
  9. Go to the towers of The Sel'Nok Brigade at the entrance to the Jarsath Wastes, and find the final chest, The Chest of Sel'Nok, located at 2274, 197, -2620 in the western tower.
    1. Go to the eastern tower, across the road. Read the note behind The Vault of Sel'Nok. This is where you must know the Di'Zokian language or you cannot read the note. Speak the words and the Vault will become attackable. Kill him to get the Key of Sel'Nok. To be complete, the Key requires 6 gems to put in the slots on the edge of the disk.
    2. Kill infiltrators nearby to get the gem updates, then open the chest to get the last tablet, the Tablet of the Ruler.
  10. Return to Indigo. Talk to him. Then talk to a Drolvarg Hooligan, which begins a ring event. (First round = 4 mobs, second round = 2 mobs). You must then kill Indigo. (Be careful, he tries to run off the cliff behind you when you go to attack him). If he successfully suicides you have to start over. Indigo will not be up if recently killed. (This step is timed - 20 minutes to complete it).
  11. Return to Colonel Leevan for your reward. He mentions a bounty posted at the tower just beyond the pass into the Fens, and a possible connection to the tablets you have been seeking.
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OOC The quest titles in this series are an homage to Sergio Leone's "Dollars Trilogy" of spaghetti westerns starring Clint Eastwood. This quest's title refers to the film, "For A Few Dollars More".

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