The Village of Shin  

Level50 - 70
ExpansionFallen Dynasty

While referred to on transportation bells and in lore as the Isle of Mara, the zone is actually called the Village of Shin. The two buildings on the docks where you arrive are a trading post owned and operated by The Far Seas Trading Company.

GU56 Travel Changes

With GU56 Mara is on the World Bell Network. The The Village Of Shin World Bell is on the dock providing transportation to everywhere.

With The Shadow Odyssey, many NPCs were added here relating to tradeskill quests for the Far Seas Supply Division. See: The Shadow Odyssey Tradeskill Quests

Also, an artisan Signature Quest series, starting with A Gathering Obsession, was added. Speak to Qho Augren, a child playing in a pool near the village and the tower.

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