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Tai Nurwin in The Village of Shin gives this quest if player is a level 50+ Provisioner. This quest can only be started after completing Improving Relations with the Locals.

  1. First step is to find 5 salamander eggs. These can be harvested in the pond under bridge at -142, -1, -112 .
  2. After harvesting the eggs, the quest asks to find a fabric vegetable dye. This can be found by examining a container in the village at 24, 14, -60 .
  3. Next step is to find some pickle. The pickle container is near bank at docks at -39, -2, 142 .
  4. The quest then asks to find some dried fruit, these can be found in house in the village at 48, 8, -48 .
  5. The next stage is to find some black ant legs near the kitchen on Courtyard area. This is auto update after entering the room at -7, 14, -93 .
  6. The last stage is to find some ink, this is a container at -17, 0, -3 .

Speak with Tai Nurwin for your rewards.

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