The Pirate's Bride  

This quest begins with Jai-La Ventur who wanders near the shore.

  • Note: You need to wait for her to visit the beach, return and stand OUTSIDE her house before she will speak with you. ( 68.27, 8.07, -61.53 ) This quest is a sub-quest of The Stolen Tome quest.

Jai-La gives you a note she asks you to examine.

  1. Examine the note and you're told to search the Gunthak pirate camp (Mystic Lake) to locate Alyra. ( 56.08, -39.35, 257.31 )
  2. When you reach the location, Alyra the Assassin (Level 60^) will spawn and needs to be defeated.
  3. Alyra drops an Assassination Contract that must be looted and examined.
    • NOTE: This item is now tradable for up to 48 hours with anyone that was grouped with you during the loot, so all members of your group can use it to get the update.
  4. Return to Jai-La with the unfortunate news to complete the quest and claim your reward.

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