The Return Of A Gathering Obsession  

If you are a level 90 tradeskiller, have completed A Gathering Obsession, Final Errand and have purchased Destiny of Velious, watch your mail for a note from dear sweet Qho Augren when you zone into Thurgadin. Note that if you don't get the mail for some reason, Qho will try again in a couple weeks if you go back to Thurgadin.[1]

You must be able to harvest Tier 9 resources, and will need 5p, 83g, 20s  to complete this quest.

  1. Guess what? Qho wants more harvests to study! Oh boy!! Find these in Sentinel's Fate zones.
  2. Return to Qho.
  3. Good news! Qho's gotten permission to leave the village. But you'd better talk to his mother Lian Augren first, who is next to him in a little hut with a pack pony.
  4. Apparently you've volunteered to take Qho to Great Divide and Thurgadin. Hail Qho.
  5. Hail Qho again and he will follow you. Take Qho to Fina's Retreat in Great Divide to harvest flowers.
    • Pick a Windswept Frostflower from the ridge around -1300, -511, -2124 ,
  6. Hail Qho.
  7. Take Qho to Remembrance Park in Thurgadin.
  8. Hail Qho after you get the Remembrance Park update.
  9. Take Qho to the Goahmari Village.
    • If you've already been there you can take the Thurgadin Harbor Griffon Station, otherwise you'll have to go out the upper Harbor area and mountain climb to 351, -15, 533 .
  10. Harvest a Goahmari Herb. They are all around the Goahmari village.
  11. Hail Qho.
  12. Go back to Thurgadin. See Merchant Hagus at 335, -292, 250 .
  13. Hail Qho.
  14. Take Qho back to the his mother on the Isle of Mara. Hail Lian Augren.

Your reward is an Artisan's Pack Pony. Scribe this to get the ability "Summon Artisan's Pack Pony". Hail this useful pet and get the option to have it harvest for you , like a Guild Amenity. It uses the same harvest tables as the Amenities, and at least report took the same amount of time. The pony doesn't need to actually be following you around as a cosmetic pet to be working (assume he wanders off on his own...) and you don't need to be logged in.

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