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Basic Coal
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Spark's Disaster Repellent

This is the Mara quest for level 50+ Alchemists. You must have at least Mining 240 and Gathering 240 to complete this quest. This quest can only be started after completing Improving Relations with the Locals.

Spark ( 12.91, 8.19, -30.32 ) wants some help to create some fancy fireworks, and needs some assistance gathering materials for this to happen.

  1. The items that he is looking for are Salt, Aluminum and Sulfur. You need to gather 5 of each which can all be gathered from the same node.
    • Salt is somewhere along Mara Beach on the village side, between the waterfall and where Jai-la Venture stands
    • Aluminum is by the waterfalls near the Tower of the Four Winds ( -13.04, 17.93, -168.02 )
    • Sulfur is by the Mystic Waterfalls, near the entrance to Mystic Lake, over where Terai Augren stands. The sulfur is actually behind some rocks by the tree, if you zoom your camera out, look down straight from above, you will see the name of the sulfur ( -245.17, 1.69, -71.42 )
  2. Buy 10 pieces of basic coal ( 6c  each) from the fuel merchant in Outsider's Landing
  3. Return to Spark in the Village of Shin for your rewards.

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