The Jeweler's Mystery  

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Augren's Magnifier
Wantia Artisan's Satchel

This is the advanced tradeskill quest for 50+ Jewelers. This quest can only be started after completing Improving Relations with the Locals.

It starts with Kun Augren, who is located at 76, 8, -68 in the Village of Shin on the Island of Mara. This is inside one of the western-most buildings in the village itself. He sends you to find out who issued him a challenge. The people to talk to are all in the Village, except one in Antonica, and they must be done in order. They are:

  1. Kim Nurwin: -173, 7, -175 East end of the zone, in the building near the tunnel to Mystic Lake
  2. Choo Nurwin: -171, 3, -150 Near the building with Kim, he was wandering next to the small pool of water with the bridge.
  3. Ping Ventur: 36, 15, -82 In a building in Ventur Square in the main part of the village.
  4. Ghil Ventur: 318, -16, 754 in Antonica. He's on Coldwind Point, the dock isle with a lighthouse.
  5. Xin-xu Augren: 36, 8, -37 Again in the village, kind of on the south-west side, moving around slightly.

After this, go talk to Kun Augren again, and the quest will finish, giving you Augren's Magnifier and the harvesting raw bag Wantia Artisan's Satchel.

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