Improving Relations with the Locals  

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an unfinished Wantia armoire
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This quest is a prerequisite for all Village of Shin quests.

This quest begins with Captain Ingrid, a high elf who can be found wandering on the Village of Shin docks. ( -28.00,-2.38,117.94 )

  1. Ingrid asks you to visit the leaders of the various families:
    • Speak to the leader of the House of Nurwin, Zhen-hao Nurwin. ( -164.34, 7.20, -185.47 )
    • Speak to the leader of the House of Augren, Xin-xu Augren. (wanders near 47.14, 8.00, -37.10 )
    • Speak to the leader of the House of Ventur, Tumao Ventur. ( 17.05, 14.97, -63.06 )
  2. Return to Captain Ingrid to claim your reward. Completion of this quest opens the The Stolen Tome quest.

The Village of Shin
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