The Balance of Nature  

This quest initiates with Brother Dhar of the Whistling Fists Clan. He is on the first floor of the Tower of the Four Winds. ( 27.35, 35.76, -164.43 )

In order to enter the Tower of the Four Winds follow the instructions found here.

Brother Dhar asks you to travel to Mystic Lake and help defend the dryads and their kin from the Pirates of Gunthak.

  1. Speak to Brother Fritzen just inside the zone in to Mystic Lake. ( 228.95, -47.06, 319.45 )
  2. Kill 4 Gunthak ransackers, 4 Gunthak poachers and 4 Gunthak plunderers. These are located in the woods just next to Fritzen.
  3. Return to Brother Fritzen. He sends you to speak to the old treant Eddrelon the Wise in the woods. ( 128.46, -38.13, 86.15 )
  4. Return to Brother Fritzen. Fritzen wants to confuse the pirates with news of a rare book. He sends you back to the Village of Shin.
  5. Speak to Brother Miles in the Tower of Four Winds. ( 24.16, 35.76, -168.98 )
  6. Speak to Chief Ko-Ma Nurwin off the Courtyard of Hope. ( 44.86, 14.84, -118.73 )
  7. Return to Brother Miles to finish assembling the book. Go back to Brother Fritzen in Mystic Lake.
  8. Go to Glurglek the Blade in the Gunthak Pirate Camp. ( 57.98, -37.56, 291.3 )
  9. You'll need to convince Glurglek to leave the island. Choose these responses to be successful:
    • Response 1: Why would I want to drive you away?
    • Response 2: Actually, I could care less about the treasure you're looking for.
    • Response 3: Let's just say it isn't worth the effort for a pirate like me.
    • Response 4: Yes, I'm a pirate and I love treasure. I admit I came here looking for the same loot you did. But let's just say I found something that changed my mind.
    • Response 5: Ha, you're funny! That book you stole was outdated. I have new information that... Oh, nevermind. Guess I'm a better pirate that you. I'm (your name) the pirate. YARRRR!
    • Response 6: No, I don't think so. I need to be going. I don't want anyone to beat me to the... Umm, forget I said anything.
    • Response 7: I stole a different book from the monks. It was the journal of the village chief.
    • Response 8: It says the village has already found the treasure and moved it.
    • Response 9: No way! The treasure is mine.
    • Response 10: That's hardly worth my while. You'll have to do better.
    • Response 11: Hmmm. How much gold are we talking?
    • Response 12: I suppose it's a deal. Here, come and take a look at this book. You better have my gold ready!
    • Response 13: Hey, give me back my book!
    • Response 14: Where is my 500 gold! I demand you give me my book!
  10. Return to Brother Fritzen with news of your success.
  11. Return to the Village of Shin to speak to Brother Dhar to complete the quest.

This quest unlocks the second floor of the tower and is a predecessor to Brother Lycabe's Trial: Knowledge of a Lost City.

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