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You must be at least a level 50 Armorer to obtain this quest. You also need a Mining skill of 240 for this quest. This quest can only be started after completing Improving Relations with the Locals.

Tumao Ventur is located at 15.87, 14.97, -64.10 .

Tumao Ventur is not only patriarch of the Ventur clan, but also its armorer. He said that his grandson Gai Ge is destined to be the next armorer, but is resisting the call of the forge for the lure of becoming a monk. You are offered to help convince Gai Ge that being an armorer is every bit as honorable as being a monk.

  1. Gai Ge Ventur is located at 21.36, 14.73, 82.03
    • You must first try to convince Gai Ge Ventur to give armor smithing a chance.
  2. You will then need to gather some basic components together so that you can show Gai Ge Ventur what fun it is to be an Armorer. You can gather everything in The Village of the Shin.
    • Gather 5 Iron Ore (located from an Iron Ore node near the small waterfall close to the Mystic Lake zone in at -237.30, -1.27, -77.38 )
    • Gather 2 Copper Ore (located from an Iron Ore node near the BIG waterfall close to the Tower of Four winds at -18.96, 16.91, -165.17 ).
    • Gather 3 pieces of Plumbum (located from a rock you can examine near docks at -15.47, -2.38, 131.41 )
  3. After these components are collected take them back to Gai Ge and show him how much fun it is to be an Armorer.
  4. Gai Ge will then let you know that he still wishes to become a monk. At this point you will return back to Tumao Ventur and tell him the results of your teachings.
  5. When you speak with Tumao he will understand and give you your reward.

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