The Legendary Paper  

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handcrafted paper
Wantia Artisan's Satchel
Augren's Auspicious Inkwell

You must be at least a level 50+ Sage to obtain this quest. This quest can only be started after completing Improving Relations with the Locals.

The quest begins by talking Xin-xu Augren at 38, 8, -32 in The Village of Shin.

  1. She sends you to talk to her nephew, Ghil Ventur on Coldwind Point, the dock isle with the lighthouse, in Antonica.
  2. Ghil gives you a list of ingredients to collect back in The Village of Shin.
    • First you must collect mulberry from a potted plant at 30, 15, -61 .
    • Then you must collect some tubers from a barrel at -50, 12, -115 .
  3. Then take them to Spark Augren at 13, 8, -32 in The Village of Shin.
  4. Spark creates the paper, and send you with it back to Xin-xu Augren for your reward, the Wantia Artisan's Satchel and Augren's Auspicious Inkwell.

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