The Silken Sword  

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Ventur's Hammer and Tongs
Wantia Artisan's Satchel

You must be at least a level 50+ Weaponsmith to obtain this quest. You need 240 Mining to complete this quest. This quest can only be started after completing Improving Relations with the Locals.

Speak to Mei-Mei Ventur at 4.64, 14.97, -75.23 in the Village of Shin.

  1. You are sent to speak with Ping Ventur at 36.23, 14.97, -81.20 , Gai Ge Ventur near 22.57, 14.73, -76.68 , and Kim Nurwin at -175.20, 7.20, -176.81 . Each of these people will task you with collecting some items for crafting in the local area. The places where these items can be found are as follows:
    • The turtle shell is in a bucket at -10.27, -1.40, 14.62
    • The silk for the grip can be found in a box at -68.39, -2.52, 120.39 (near the importer/exporter)
    • The scabbard is in an armoire at -22.53, 11.30, -77.33
    • Lastly iron ore is harvested at -159.88, 0.94, -6.38
  2. Return to Mei-Mei Ventur to complete the quest.

The rewards are Wantia Artisan's Satchel and Ventur's Hammer and Tongs.

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