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Basic Sandpaper
Nurwin's Whittling Knife
Wantia Artisan's Satchel

You must be a level 50+ Woodworker to obtain this quest. You will need at least 240 Mining and 240 Foresting to complete this quest. This quest can only be started after completing Improving Relations with the Locals.

Speak to Kim Nurwin at -175,7,-177 in The Village of Shin to begin the quest.

  • First step is to gather 10 wood blocks located at -157, 7, -187 . This is outside Kim's house, on the left when facing the front doors.
  • Next the wood blocks needs to be washed, you do this by running into the river for an auto update. ( -208,-5,-98 )
  • Next the blocks need to be sanded, this is also an auto update you get by running along the beach, we got it at 37, -2, 30 .
  • Next step is to find some Quartz. They are located next to the big pile of rocks near the Mystic River waterfall. ( -261, 1, -78 )
  • Visit Ulgofar Wisme at Outsider's Landing ( -68,-2,134 ) to buy a Basic Sandpaper for a total of 30c .
    • This step states that you should go to your hometown, but has simply not been updated since the release of The Shadow Odyssey, when Ulgofar became a fuel merchant.
  • Next you need to find some wax. There is a urn at -12, 15, -103 that you will need to examine for the update.
  • Finally return to Kim Nurwin for your reward.


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