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Nurwin's Sculpting Stylus
Wantia Artisan's Satchel

You must be a level 50+ Carpenter to begin this quest. You will need 240 Gathering and 240 Foresting to complete this quest. This quest can only be started after completing Improving Relations with the Locals.

Speak to Zhen-Hao Nurwin at -161,7,-184 to begin the quest.

  1. Zhen-Hao sends you to talk to Choo Nurwin, who then sends you to talk to Mei-mei Ventur ( 5.83, 14.97, -76.10 ) .
    • Mei-mei has you gather 5 oysters (must have harvesting skills of 240 or higher to do the rest of the quest). Oyster shells are at approx -14, -4, 23 .
  2. After you have your 5 oyster shells go back to Zhen-Hao Nurwin and speak to him again. He then sends you out foraging again.
    • First gather 5 willow branches at -156, 1, -103 .
    • After that you need 5 rosewoods, which are found in a little bush beside the mayor's house at 30, 14, -120 .
  3. Finally, return to Zhen-Hao Nurwin for your reward, one of the 36 slot harvestable items only bags and the tool.

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