A Gathering Obsession, Part VIII  

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lichenclover root
raw cranberry
king prawn
deklium cluster
bristled pelt
redwood lumber
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Min Coin: 17g, 22s, 36c
Max Coin: 18g, 25s, 39c

Are we done yet?? Qho wants samples of tier 8 resources from any tier 8 zone. You'll need all your harvesting skills at 340.

  1. Go harvest, from any tier 8 zone, 35 each of:
  2. Return back to Qho Augren.

NOTE: You're going to need a mantrap root (rare t8 root) for the next quest, which requires a gathering skill of 340. If you didn't harvest one during Part VIII you will want to get one elsewhere (try the Broker).

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