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Betrayal and Citizenship
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Below are the various methods of leaving or joining the City of Freeport as of GU64.

Citizenship quests can be done without betraying if you are either leaving Freeport to head to another evil aligned city or coming from an evil city to Freeport. Citizens of Freeport can betray to change to a city of good alignment while good citizens can betray their cities and choose Freeport as a destination.

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Freeport to Evil Aligned City

Speak to Ambassador Brutus at -125, -38, 41 in The City of Freeport (East). He will confirm which city you wish to go to, and give you the appropriate starter quest that will take you to the ambassador in your destination city.

Evil Aligned City to Freeport

First you must accept the starter quest from your home city's Ambassador. This will be either Ambassador Zelzekla at 2663, 66, 1171 in Timorous Deep or Ambassador V'Nox at -496, 23, 206 in Neriak.

Next you need to speak to Ambassador Brutus at -125, -38, 41 in East Freeport. He will accept your citizenship transfer papers and then start you on a short series of citizenship completion quests, after which you will become a full citizen and get your Call spell.

  1. Moving to Freeport
  2. Mandatory Service
  3. Longshadow Alley Patrol
  4. Freeport City Patrol
  5. DR-90 Turn In

Freeport to Exile

Speak to Ambassador Brutus, he will explain all the consequences and then tell you that you're disloyal and should go and do community service with the Freeport Militia until you repent. He will send you to Corporal Henk Rimebreaker in South Freeport, who is in fact a "squire", whose short series of quests will end in you getting kicked out of Freeport and into exile.

  1. Dissatisfied with Freeport
  2. Listening in for Qeynos
  3. Timing the Night Shift
  4. Resetting the Militia
  5. Destroy the Weapons Cache

Exile to Freeport

When you first become an exile, your faction with every city except Haven is -50,000.

To prove your loyalty to Freeport, you must speak to Gol M'Tun at -30, -15, -56 in Antonica. He will offer you a bounty series and repeatable sabotage and infiltration quests until your faction with The City of Freeport reaches amiable (+10,000). After your faction is amiable, you will be directed to finalize your citizenship with Freeport.

Freeport Bounties

The bounty quests cannot be repeated and are given to you in order. Each quest will raise your City of Freeport faction by +3,000.

  1. Freeport Bounty: Sergeant Frakin
  2. Freeport Bounty: Sergeant Vorshel
  3. Freeport Bounty: Mooboya Tailtwister
  4. Freeport Bounty: Gnawer Anklechewer
  5. Freeport Bounty: Sandrik Ignol
  6. Freeport Bounty: Altos Feustart
  7. Freeport Bounty: Nimbus Cogspinner
  8. Freeport Bounty: Talos Virgaard
  9. Freeport Bounty: Simon Rappaport
  10. Freeport Bounty: Mandros Karakov
  11. Freeport Bounty: Marcbas Craete
  12. Freeport Bounty: Seamus Longtoe
  13. Freeport Bounty: Marvan Honeyjum
  14. Freeport Bounty: General Ginlo
  15. Freeport Bounty: Nor'sona A'tyel
  16. Freeport Bounty: Clint Gilcrush

Infiltrating Qeynos

These repeatable quests are given by Gol when you really want to show your loyalty to Freeport. The quest you are given is random, but you can delete and request a new one if you do not like the one given to you. Each quest will raise your City of Freeport faction by +5,000.

Antonica Sabotage

These repeatable quests are the easiest for lower level characters to do and completely take place in Antonica. You will randomly be given one of the quests below. Each quest will raise your City of Freeport faction by +1,000.

District Sabotage

These repeatable quests may require some guard dodging as you visit the two Qeynos districts. Guards can range anywhere from 45^^^ to 95 epic x4. You should enter The Peat Bog from Antonica, zone into Vermin's Snye, and from there to The Down Below. Once in the Down Below you can access any of the Qeynos districts.

Each quest will raise your City of Freeport faction by +2,000. Each quest is on a 20 minute timer.

City Sabotage

These repeatable quests will require quite a bit more guard dodging as you traverse the districts of Qeynos. Guards here typically range anywhere from 45^^^ up to 95 epic x4. You can reach the appropriate zones by traveling by using the above method for the District Sabotage quests.

Each quest will raise your City of Freeport faction by +3,000. Each quest is on a 30 minute timer.


After reaching amiable faction with The City of Freeport (+10,000), you will then be directed to Matthias Siegemaker in the Temple of War in North Freeport. Matthias will give a final series of quests to complete your citizenship.

  1. Becoming a Citizen of Freeport - given by Gol M'Tun in Antonica once your faction hits 10k
  2. Learning Your Place in Freeport
  3. Ending the Revolution
  4. Moving to Freeport - Acceptance

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