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NameLevelZoneGrants AA
Dragoon G'Zel27   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Vault of the FallenNo
A Fallen Champion20   v v vThe CommonlandsNo
A Sul' Dal Bladefury53-54   v v   to   vThe Sinking SandsNo
A Shadow Lord Attendant16   -Timorous DeepNo
An Unliving Trooper49   v v vThe Sinking SandsNo
An Undying Rallosian Magi36   v v vthe QSS BootstrutterNo
A Bitter Angst82   ^ ^ Heroic   to   ^ ^ ^ HeroicMiragul's Phylactery: The AnathemaNo
Jeroel The Famished10   v vThe Eternal GorgeYes
Moe5-15   vThunderdomeNo
Captain Ulssissaris32   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Cove of DecayYes
A Brute Caretaker33   ^ ^ HeroicThe Ruins of VarsoonNo
A Briarstone Ancient20   -Darklight WoodNo
A D'Morte House Guard30-32   vD'Morte Burial ChamberNo
Shadow Lord Durlak17   ^ ^ HeroicTimorous DeepNo
A Flamepaw Loyalist12   v v vThe Forest RuinsNo
An Enraged Ci`Re Apprentice34   v vThe Ruins of VarsoonNo
Skeleton Lrodd1   ^ ^ ^ HeroicBefallen: Cavern of the AfflictedNo
A Forsaken Lteth Mas20   v   to   ^The Drowned Caverns: Hot WaterNo
A Dead Explorer50   v v vThe Silent CityNo
Lord J'Narus29   ^Nektulos ForestYes
A Varsoon Apprentice28   -The Ruins of VarsoonNo
A Gul'Thex Lieutenant29-30   -Nektulos ForestNo
A Vessel Retriever47-49   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Obelisk of Lost SoulsNo
A Fallen Pirate7   v v vQueen's ColonyNo
Sir Loros Highgarden4   ^ ^ ^ HeroicBefallen: Halls of the ForsakenYes