Miragul's Phylactery: The Anathema  

Level50 - 80
TypeInstanced Indoor
ExpansionThe Shadow Odyssey

Level 50 to 80 (Heroic)
Entry Zonewide
Minimum18 hours
Cooldown30 minutes
Maximum3 days
Miragul's Phylactery is in a newly-discovered chamber inside the tunnel that was recently dug from the Jagged Plains to Hollowfrost Grove.

There is a group of 5 NPCs, at Camp Wyndalsyd, in Hollowfrost Grove with quests to explore inside the Phylactery. See Shadow Odyssey Missions for a complete list.

Many, if not all, of the mobs encountered in this zone are not "real" in the normal sense. Although they may look like a wolf, or a gargoyle, or a skeleton, they are really just memories or shades of Miragul's past. However, they still drop the appropriate body parts for Lore and Legend quests so we will treat them in all ways as if they were "real".

Throughout this zone you will find large urns. These are trapped and cast a short-range stun, but they be disarmed by a Scout. Additionally, in the area of The Pool of Reflection you will find floating eggs of ice that will trigger Falling Ice which deals piercing damage.

Additionally, you will see gnome-sized ghosts running around called a vexing fear. If one gets close to a player it will transform into a really big, angry Nightblood that will immediately attack (even if grey)!

Falling Ice trap
Falling Ice trap
A trapped urn
A trapped urn

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The Halls of Contemplation

Entrance room. safe. You can not go past the big guy to your right yet, so enter the small tunnel ahead of you.

After you have slain the Atrocious Amalgam (in The Dismal Hollow), return here to find a blasting barrel next to the Eternal Prism. Click it to light the fuse and kick it down the hall. It will roll to the big guy's feet and explode, dropping huge icicles from the ceiling and killing him. Now you can proceed to The Pool of Reflection.

The Crypt of Disdain

Upon entering this room for the first time you will receive a quest, Necromantic Neverwhere. This requires you to kill the Atrocious Amalgam in The Dismal Hollow.

A music box
A music box
Kill mobs to make urns attackable, destroy urns to stop respawns. Last urn spawns the Sub-Boss, Corpus Amygdalus, a very big beholder with a nasty AE. Killing him unseals the tunnel above you to The Dismal Hollow.

There is a music box in this room. The Atrocious Amalgam (in The Dismal Hollow) sometimes drops the handle for it. If he does, come back here and use the music box. This draws all of the remaining gnome ghosts to the box in fascination and prevents them from turning into the big, bad guys.

The first discarded zombie, for Making Sense of Miragul, Part 2, is in this room.

The Dismal Hollow

The rest of the discarded zombies, for Making Sense of Miragul, Part 2, are in this room.

Find an arm and a leg by clicking on a chest in The Sepulcher of Decay and The Sepulcher of Corruption, and then give these to the Shade of Miragul so he can make the Sub-Boss, Atrocious Amalgam. Kill it to get the update for Necromantic Neverwhere, and the handle for the music box in The Crypt of Disdain. You can also now attune your Fragment of the Eternal Prism to this shard, advancing Repairing the Eternal Prism.

The key mob is in this room, and the shard chest is in The Sepulcher of Corruption.

The Sepulcher of Decay

Sub-Boss: Blood Sucker

The Sepulcher of Corruption

The shard chest, A Chest of Tangible Memories, is in this room.

Sub-Boss: Faenelae

The Pool of Reflection

The Fundament of Sorcery

To summon the named, align the red, blue, green and yellow columns so that the indicator lines up with the 3 symbols that match the glyph on the same-colored stone by the altar (as shown in the pictures, below). It would appear that Miragul was working on other elements as well, as there are three light-blue columns, one of which is unfinished.

The Totem of Sorcery, for Making Sense of Miragul, Part 2, is atop the altar at -268,-1,186 .

The Crucible of Woe

Boss: Patriae Vykel

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