Befallen: Halls of the Forsaken  

Level50 - 80
TypeInstanced Indoor
ExpansionThe Shadow Odyssey

Level 50 to 80 (Group)
Minimum18 hours
Cooldown30 minutes
Maximum3 days
There are 4 Named mobs that must be destroyed before you can face The Eidolon of Depravity.

Throughout the first pass through the zone you will encounter a dark nimbus in nearly every room. They float around and when they get close to you they will cast an AE DoT. This is curable (Arcane).

Skeletal Remains
Skeletal Remains
On the entrance floor, in the first room on the right, at -6,0,27 , examine The skeletal Remains of a Fallen Adventurer on the floor to get the quest, The Warning Remains. There will be a dreadfiend near each of the statues on the first pass... kill all 4.

First, clear all mobs until you reach the Chapel of Penance, a room with 4 cells and a skeleton on the floor of each. There is a book on a pedestal nearby, Tomb of Esteemed Heroes, that tells you which name hails from which quarter of Freeport, and mousing over the skeletons tell you which cell belongs to which city quarter. Go back to the statues you saw that were movable, mouse-over the base to get its name, then bring them to the correct cells.

Sir MastriVestry of the ArchbishopEastArch-bishop Joltan
Sir ErondasSouthGromkey
Sir AndersWestTsiet'Sozlt
Sir XavierEchoing CavernNorthSir Loros Highgarden
Alternately, Grab the statues and take them to the cells, then place one statue in the cells one after the other until a ghost appears. Leave that statue there and grab another, Repeat until all cells are filled.

This will send the 4 ghosts to the Temporal Chamber. They will be joined there by the spirit of Gynok Moltar! Click on the large hourglass in the middle of the room to set back time and begin the ring event.

Speak with the 4 knights and agree to meet them to cleanse an area. Go to the rooms you got the statues from and there will be new mobs there: a glooming corruptor, a forlorn watchman

Throughout this second pass through the zone you will encounter a putrid mass in nearly every room. They ooze around and when they get close to you they will cast a single target root. This is curable (Arcane).

There is a glooming acrolith in each room. This gargoyle statue is what is spawning the glooming corruptors. Drag the mobs to the statue, destroy it, and the corruptors will vanish. In each room you will then face one of the Sub-Bosses, listed in the table above.

In each of the Sub-Boss fights, one of the 4 ghostly knights will be there. Do not pull to him but if, during the fight, the buildup of DOTs becomes more than you can bear, run to him and he will remove the DoTs. You must enter his heal range (about 10') from outside of it or he will not heal you. See the Sub-Boss's mob page for more specific info on that fight.

The DoT: Creeping Darkness - an AE DoT which inflicts 810-993 divine damage instantly and every 3 seconds. This DoT can stack! Run to the ghostly knights periodically to be cleansed of these.

After all 4 Sub-Bosses are dead go back to the Temporal Chamber and speak to Gynok Moltar, then go to The Broken Stair. Speak to the knights and they will move to the 4 corners. Gynok Moltar will appear. Speak to him to start the event, then move to the bottom left to await the attack. Gynok will speak with the knights as he moves to the bottom center. There, his inner demon, The Eidolon of Depravity will emerge and attack the knight you should be standing at. You must keep the knights alive as long as you can, and drag the mob around clockwise as he kills the knights. You can only hurt the Eidolon if a Knight is near him! If he kills all 4 knights he will respawn as a ^^^x4 mob and kill you all.

Note: For those of you doing the quest, A Knight's Word, the lost testament is on the lower floor of this room. Additionally, at the top if this room is a banner that may be harvested and put in your room; the azure tapestry of the forsaken. If the entire party clicks on it together, you can all get one!

Bonus Shard Chest!

Go find a phantasmal drunkard in the Great Hall at 132,-23,78 , hail him and kill him to get the Drunkard's Key. It will open a drunkard's footlocker in the Chapel of Penance, at 209,-21,38 , with an extra Void Shard for everyone.

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