The Obelisk of Lost Souls  

Level37 - 50

Anchor Cavern
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
The Tower of Vul

Commonly referred to by the acronym, TOoLS, the entrances are marked by a swirling purple mist. Right-click near the base of the mist at close range to enter. The only exit from the Anchor Cavern area is a random portal. There is a second exit inside the tower that will take you to The Feerrott.

Except for The Feerrott entrance, all of the other entrances require you to kill all of the shadowed rift watchers guarding the location. The watchers are level 35^^^ Heroic. Only after they are dead will the purple mist portal appear. The purple mist will remain visible until the watchers respawn. NOTE: The entrance can't be seen from far away unless your graphics settings are maxed, and it may not show up at all if you use Extreme Performance or Very High Performance settings.

Entrances can be found at:

  • -2220,-14,-953 in Antonica
  • 1061, -37, -452 in The Commonlands
  • 1146, -18, 822 in Thundering Steppes
  • -51, 89, -2251 in Nektulos Forest
  • -962, 13, 503 in The Feerrott
  • 1, 14, -157 in Zek, the Orcish Wastes
  • -773, 0, -976 in Enchanted Lands

There is a skeleton on the ground where you appear in the Anchor Cavern. Examine him to receive the access quest to the tower, Entrance into the Obelisk, which requires you to kill 4 named shadowed men in the cavern.

Once you are inside, you will need to complete the quest Summoning the Creator to reach the lower levels.

A ring event on the third floor will give you an item which will start the final access, List of Acquisitions for the Continuing of Research. Completing this quest will allow you to enter The Vestibule for the final confrontation.

This zone and its quests are detailed in the Shadowed Men Quest Series.

Collection shinies found in this zone are: Enchanted Bones and Glowing Shards

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Anchor Cavern

Entrance Chamber

You have finally entered the tower itself and are faced with a small room, 2 doors and a purple mist. The mist will zone you to The Feerrott. The door opposite the entrance (south) is the Creator Door and is locked to you. The only door remaining (east) is the entrance to Level One.

Level One

The objective of this level is to get to the next. To do this, you must complete Summoning the Creator.

The Chamber of Summoning

The Chamber of Xychlzys

The Chamber of Avulsor

The Chamber of Paroxroz

The Cistern of Immortality

The entrance room from the hall has 2 other exits: a door on the left and an archway across the room. The door leads to the upper catwalk around the Cistern, while the archway goes thru another small room and to the ground floor. Both the entrance and the room beyond the arch are full of white goos called soulless wastes. These do NOT count as "soulless" zombies for the book quests.

In the cistern room are groups of shadowed liquidites and 3 solitary soulless assistants. The assistants DO count for the book quests.

The Chamber of Contained Souls

This is the southernmost of two interior towers which stand in the middle of Level One with a spiral staircase going from top to bottom. The door is at the bottom, while the northern tower's door is at the top.

It is also the only place in the zone where you can consistently find groups of Evil Eyes for the book quests.

On the top floor is a canopic jar containing the Soul of Tarinax.

Once you've completed the access quest, exit the first floor into the portal area (go farthest west that you can on the floor 1 map, and take the south door to get to level 2.

Level Two

Find and defeat The Keeper of Nihility to open the door behind him and reach the portal chamber to Level Three.

Level Three

Any of the named on this level can drop a scroll, List of acquisitions for the continuing of research. Reading this scroll will initiate the quest, List of Acquisitions for the Continuing of Research, which is the access quest for The Vestibule.

The Vestibule

At long last you are ready to face the master of the Tower of Vul, Malisient. First you must call him to the tower.

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