The Eternal Gorge  

Level17 - 21
TypeInstanced Indoor

This dungeon is targeted at a single group of players. It is entered through the top of The Tower of Zarvonn in The Commonlands, and you must have completed Zarvonn's Legacy to enter it. NOTE: The Zarvonn's Legacy quest has become optional since this walkthrough was originally written.

The zone itself is basically a ring event. If you are entering this zone to complete the Chronomagic Mission Path of the Past - Eternal Gorge it is recomended that you enter no higher than level 25.

Mobs do respawn, The timer is around 4-10 minutes.

To progress through each level of the ring, you have to kill waves of all 4 encounters before they respawn to spawn the named. Each named did drop a treasure chest with some treasured loot and a no-drop piece of a dead body (skull, zombie skin, etc). To progress to the next level, you need to place the no-drop body part onto the table (clicking the table will work for this) to add the body part to the body you are putting together. This will spawn the next group of encounters.

1st level - One wave 4 groups of lvl19 deathbone skeletons x5. Named is Rotbone.

2nd level - 2 waves of 4 groups of lvl 19 deathrot zombies. Named is Death Marrow.

3rd level - 3 waves of 4 groups of lvl 19-20^ heroic fleshrot zombies. Named is Decaying Slough.

4th level - After you place the appropriate body part on the table, a large encounter of 12-16 spiders will spawn around you. Kill these to spawn Zarvonn's Creation (the body on the altar), who is a lvl 23^^^ encounter. Along with the Creation, Zarvonn will spawn as a non-targetable NPC that will wander off somewhere.

      • The trick to getting Zarvonn's Creation (^^^ lvl 23 Heroic) to spawn is for ONE person in the party to loot all the "zombie" items from the chest after killing the spiders. If multiple people loot, have the other group members trade the parts all to one person. It spawns with Zarvonn (Epic mob, but does not attack). Zarvonn seems to be watching you as you kill his created monster, then runs off after it dies.***

Respawns Harvest nodes do not respawn unless you exit and re-enter the instance

Collectibles The pages for the Tome: The Lore of Fauna: The Behemoth do respawn inside the instance.

      • Side-note about this collection - It requires a binding and pages 2-14. Pages 11-14 are ground-spawns inside the non-instanced tower in the Commonlands, while pages 2-10 are inside the instance.To get the completed Lore of the Behemoth collection. The book to complete the collection is also outside on a table in the tower in Commonlands.***

Lockout Timer There is no lockout timer for failure. The lockout timer for successfully killing Zarvonn's Creation is 8 hours.

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