Befallen: Cavern of the Afflicted  

Level50 - 80
TypeInstanced Indoor
ExpansionThe Shadow Odyssey

Level 50 to 80 (Group)
Minimum18 hours
Cooldown30 minutes
Maximum3 days
NOTE: On the Zone Reuse window, this zone is referred to as Befallen Cavern.

There is one really important thing to know about moving through this zone: The zombies will continue to respawn, fast, until you kill the appropriate Maledictive Terror.

The Terror that controls the upper hallway (where you enter) is in the Chamber of War Planning. The second is all the way at the bottom, at the east end of the hallway outside of the Lair of the Bonegrinder.

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Upper Hallway

At the entrance is a torch. Grab it. It will be important later. There is a page in a niche at the door.

First room on the right is the Chamber of War Planning. Clear the first couple of groups in the hallway, then drag the next bunch straight into the room and to the right where the Maledictive Terror stands, kill him, then clean up the zombies. There is a page under a fallen slab by the Terror.

In the small room off the Chamber of War Planning is Fallen Scholar Edgars. He is a Lich and will reveal his true form about halfway through the fight. It is not a difficult fight and he will drop a curious tome. All members of the party will get a copy and this starts the Heritage Quest, The Book of Thex, for the Thex Mallet. Throughout this text you will see notes about pages, in italics. These denote page locations. Once you have cleared the zone and have collected all of the pages they will begin respawning so that all members of the party may complete this stage of the quest.

Now across the hall you will meet an embattled dwarf, Edgrim Bofstrem. He has a quest for you, A Bone to Grind, to kill The Bonegrinder. On the table behind him is another page.

At the end of the hall is The Well Room (Befallen). You must jump down. Try to land in the middle of the well and do not move immediately. If you manage to kill the Bonegrinder, Edgrim will secure the rope so that you may climb back up for your reward. Atop the beam that is across the well, on a small ledge, is another page.

Lower Caverns

The Lower Depths

Clear all the zombies from the bottom of the Well Room and The Undead Jester will probably (not always) spawn. Throughout the fight he will spawn A Pestering Jesterling. Ignore them if you can and focus on the Jester, but I hope you can burn him down quickly or you will be arse-deep in jesterlings in no time. It has been reported that sometimes The Undead Jester will respawn for a second round. If he does, both will drop a chest.

Move down the tunnel and to the right, turning back into the tunnel to the Cavern of Immolating Souls. Named is Skeleton Lrodd. There is a page in this room.

Back to the cavern... on your right the path slopes down to the Lower Hallway. On the left is The Carrion Nest, and the nastiest encounter in this zone... the Plague-ridden Crawler Queen. Kill the crawlers until you are left with her and a group of 3 that is too close to her to pull. There is a rock near her that you are going to want to become very good friends with. Pull her and the little ones, secure aggro on both and burn down the 3-pack. NOTE: She has a DOT on her that prevents mezzes from stick for more than a moment. Now focus on her and burn until she "tunnels". When this happens everyone needs to be on that rock I mentioned. If you are not you are dead. Wait for her to reemerge and resume destruction. Rinse and repeat until she is dead. There is a page in this room.

Now, down to the Lower Hallway. On your right is some water and an odd-looking altar. Use the torch you got by the entrance (you did get it, right?) to light the altar and disperse the floating wraiths and their fear spell.

There are two pages in this hallway.

IF you have a monk with Fall of the Phoenix, train into the hall, turn left and down the stairs, then left to the edge of the Lair of the Bonegrinder and FD. With any luck you will only have a single group to kill when you stand back up. You are still gonna have to clear this hallway to the Maledictive Terror in The Armory at the east end.

Otherwise, you will need to move, group by group, down through the hall, with no time for rests. This is a long, drawn-out fight, but can be done. Engage a group and, when you have them down to just one mob, drag that one to the next group and, while the MT secures the new aggro, burn the final mob from the last group. Keep moving down the hall and stairs, then right at the bottom and right again into The Armory, to the Maledictive Terror, and kill him. You can drag the last couple of groups with you to him, then clear them once he is dead.

Killing the Maledictive Terror not only turns off the zombie respawns, but a theiving jesterling (hiding among the spiders int he back-left corner, holds the key to the shard chest (we think)!

Finally, move into and clear the Lair of the Bonegrinder. The Bonegrinder stands on the platform and will wait for you to engage him. Not a terribly difficult fight. Shard chest is on the south end of the room, by a door that is not usable. There are two pages in this room.

Lastly, before you head back to the Well Room and freedom, there is a shield on the ground north of the platform. Gather it to get the quest starter for Uncovering the Truth.

This is a really poorly-made map of the zone and is NOT even close to scale, but it does show where the important features are.

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