The Sinking Sands  

Level45 - 60
ExpansionDesert of Flames

The Sinking Sands is the zone which binds together much of the Desert of Flames expansion. It is also likely the first zone you will see when you visit the Desert of Flames.

GU56 Travel Changes

Game Update #56
Halas Reborn
May 25, 2010
With GU56 players can get to Sinking Sands via any World Bell. Magic Carpets provide transportation around the zone and to the city of Maj'dul. You no longer have to discover a carpet before using it.

Game Update #54
Will of a Tyrant
December 9, 2009
GU54 Changes:
  • Great care should be taken when traveling the Sinking Sands; its denizens have become more formidable.
  • Many collections from Sinking Sands that were originally on the Kunark Burynai and then later removed have been added back to the tables in this zone.
  • Players who die within Azhar's Penitence can now revive within the zone instead of only being able to revive in Sinking Sands.
  • A Gold Ripper in Sinking Sands should no longer have a place holder and is now on a 20 minute spawn timer. It will now grant AA experience when defeated.
  • A new quest camp can be found near the Pillars of Flame, west of Twin Tears.

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