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NameTypeLow LevelHigh LevelExpansion
A Maj'Dul ResidenceInstanced Indoor4560Desert of Flames
The Vault Of DustInstanced Indoor5060Desert of Flames
Vestibule Of The Sacred TempleInstanced Indoor6065Rise of Kunark
A Maj'Dul ResidenceInstanced Indoor4560Desert of Flames
Sundered Splitpaw: Crawler NestInstanced Indoor2050Splitpaw Saga
Triple Inn RoomInstanced Indoor1080Classic
The Community LoungeInstanced Indoor180Classic
The Crypt Of The ImprisonedInstanced Indoor8080The Shadow Odyssey
Evernight AbbeyInstanced Indoor7080The Shadow Odyssey
The Drowned Caverns: Acts Of WarInstanced Indoor4565Splitpaw Saga
Nektropos Castle: The ReturnInstanced Indoor4550Classic
The Den Of The DevourerInstanced Indoor6070Kingdom of Sky
The Super Secret Gigglegibber HideoutInstanced Indoor3040Classic
Befallen: Necrotic AsylumInstanced Indoor5080The Shadow Odyssey
The Laboratory Of Lord VyemmInstanced Indoor6070Kingdom of Sky
Large Qeynos Guild HallInstanced Indoor090Classic
Miragul's Phylactery: The AnathemaInstanced Indoor5080The Shadow Odyssey
The Court Of The Coin: Imminent DangerInstanced Indoor5060Desert of Flames
A Maj'Dul ResidenceInstanced Indoor4560Desert of Flames
The Poets Palace : ReturnInstanced Indoor6070Desert of Flames
The Lyceum Of AbhorrenceInstanced Indoor7176Kingdom of Sky
The Deserted MineInstanced Indoor4550Classic
Trial Of Sagacious Ting: SoloInstanced Indoor5959Fallen Dynasty
Sammial's RoomInstanced Indoor1080Classic
The Circle Of EldersInstanced Indoor38Classic