Evernight Abbey  

Level70 - 80
TypeInstanced Indoor
ExpansionThe Shadow Odyssey

Level 70 to 80 (Group)
Minimum18 hours
Cooldown30 minutes
Maximum3 days

Mayong Mistmoore's Key is dropped by an enraged Libant weard, who will be randomly placed in almost any room in the zone.

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Vestibule of Dread

First room after the entrance. No named, just trash.

From this first room, you can take the hallways to the left or to the right. An update for the quest, The White Dragonscale Cloak may be found in the room to the right at 151,-7,-120 , or in the room to the left at 154,-7,-122 . The update is a box on the bottom shelf of a bookcase

Royal Annex

Crypt Master T'golth (83^^^)

Sacramental Abbey

As you enter the Sacramental Abbey, The halls to left and right both lead to the Transfigure Hold.

The Cloister of Liturgy

Mayong Mistmoore's Treasure chest is in the first chapel to the left after you pass through the shimmering curtain. Mayong Mistmoore's Key is required to open it. Any member of the party may open it so long as one member has the key. Opening the chest will award one Void Shard to each member of the party, zone wide.

There will also be 3 shinys in this room, usually 1 in 2 of the chapels and 1 in the main chamber. There may also be a blue shiny somewhere in the Cloister.

Lord Marcus Thex

Libant Blood Stone
Libant Blood Stone
Click the Libant Blood Stone (be sure you are all at full health) to get the Vampire illusion. You cannot use any of the "pillar" abilities without it, nor will Marcus attack you. You will not even be able to enter the room without this.

There are 3 collectible shinys in the rooms here, as well as 3 of the pages for the quest, Hidden Agenda, and the shard chest.

Pull the 5 names into the rooms directly behind them, one at a time, to make him angry. When they are dead he becomes aggressive.

The glyph on each elder's cloak matches the blood glyph on the floor of his sacristy. As you kill each Elder you will see his power flow into the blood glyph on the floor and down the channel to the pillar in the central room, igniting it. You need to pull the elders into the chapel directly behind each one. Failing to do this will allow the elder to resurrect himself when killed, and the second time he will have a buff visible as a glow around him.

Click the pillars that the named were near to gain abilities. Keep the pillar between you and Marcus.

  1. Rajadevi Consume Life-Force - Divine DD/DoT with 4% heal/sec
  2. Bechoin Exposing Strike - Dispel (Heat DD and dispel 95 levels of beneficial effects)
  3. Vishotan Cloak of Shadows - Group Buff (incr. double attack by 10%, spell crit by 5%, and reuse speed by 1% and protects group members from his Holy Water ability, reccomend both your healers have this one)
  4. Lubeshan Thrall - Summon Pet (give this to your tank so that the pet will catch Marcus' Charm spell instead of the tank!)
  5. Unholy Speed of the Yciid - Group Buff (incr. speed and casting speed by 20%, attack speed by 40, immune to slow)

More than one player can have the same ability!

Have Lubeshan Thrall up when pulling. The pet will be charmed (saves the tank).

Spam Vishotan Cloak of Shadows as often as possible. 20 second duration, 30 second reload, to protect your party from a very nasty AE holy water attack!

Also, he will periodically say something about hoping you "stay in the ground". This is his root/snare attack. Be sure that when the Sun comes you have used Unholy Speed of the Yciid to counteract the snare or you will not make it up the hall to safety in time. Again, it has a 20 second duration and a 30 second reload.

When he says "Burn in the power of the sun, foul demons!", get out of the room. He summons a sun-like ball called "Diaf Sun Sphere". Hits for 10k focus damage. If you can see the sun, you are already dead.

As soon as the sun is gone, drag him back into the room or you cannot damage him. Use the Dispel when you get him back to rid him of any lingering buffs. Repeat until he is dead.

Return to the altar and click on it to meet the newly risen vampire, Fallen Marcus Thex. Speaking to him will advance the quest, A Prince in Peril. (you may need to target him and type "/hail" if he will not give a dialog)

You can keep your Vampire form and abilities for the remainder of this zone.

Transfigure Hold

As you enter the Sacramental Abbey, go left or right to reach the Transfigure Hold. NPC Kendel Druthers is in one cell, the rest have trash. Clear all cells before taking the named, Gabardine Obisgnul (Werewolf, 83^^^). Kill him and take his head for the quest, A Brother's Revenge.

If you have a strong group, you can clear just the center room trash and pull the named to the entrance when clear.

Collection Quests

Walkthrough for Marcus courtesy of Istabu N'debak of The Relentless, Lucan D'Lere.

OOC Istabu notes that "Diaf" in the name "Diaf Sun Sphere" probably stands for the common chat slang, "Die In A Fire".

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