The White Dragonscale Cloak  

Starts by examining the book Sailing with Three Sheets to the Wind, found in Miragul's Phylactery: Scion of Ice.

  1. Talk to a dwarf named Rotheck Dragonforge at 1,802, 452, 963 . He is to the right from landing zone, by Bittee Silvertail (fabled shard armor vendor). He will ask you to gather three items items and take them to a jeweler named Ward Glanral. Ward is in the Moors of Ykesha at -54, -79, 471 (Take a baloon ot Tupia Beach for closest station).
Ward gives you a list of instructions.
    1. Gather the 3 items on your list:
      • incarnadine cluster (can be purchased)
      • Go to Nu'roga to get blue sapphires
      • Go to Evernight Abbey to get a fay-formed ingot, on the bottom shelf of a bookcase at 151, -7, -120 .
    2. After getting the items, return to Ward Glanral. He will tell you to get a swampsoaked amethyst from one of the Tuptan merchants, and acquire a rough fire emerald.
      • The rough fire emerald may be purchased from the broker for the update.
      • Purchase the swampsoaked amethyst from Valor Goodsale ( -80, -53, 814 ) . You must have 20,000 faction with the Guktan Guard to buy from this vendor. The best ways to raise your Guktan Guard is to do the 3 daily Tupta faction quests, and in between kill all the Thullosian Ogres, Brokenskull pirates and Ykeshan undead you can find. The kills are worth 25 each, and the quests will get you 1,000 a shot.
    3. Return to Ward Glanral.
    4. Go to Befallen: Necrotic Asylum to find 6 sapphires, updates from killing Shimmering miners and laborers around -126, -29, 66
    5. Return to Ward Glanral
  1. Return to Rotheck Dragonforge. He will tell you that the cloak was made for a member of the Royal family of Thex and to track down Queen Lenya Thex, who was the last known owner of the cloak. She can be found in Mistmyr Manor at 162, 32, -310 .
  2. After talking to Lenya Thex read the journal on the floor next to the bed she was in.
    • She says Mayong Mistmoore brought the cloak back from New Tunaria to her as a gift. Seeing the cloak made her homesick and she told him to take it away. She thinks it was taken back to the repository. Find out who Mayong Mistmoore entrusted to guard the White Dragonscale Cloak.
  3. Kill T'Lon the Powermonger in Ravenscale Repository and the quest will complete.

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