The Deserted Mine  

Level45 - 50
TypeInstanced Indoor

This is a four group raid zone targeted at level 50 characters. It takes place in Zek, the Orcish Wastes. To enter this instance you must first speak to Gragak Stinkyfeet, standing just outside the door.

  • Failure Lockout: 8 hours
  • Success Lockout: 3 days 15 hours

Orcish Mines

When you enter the zone you will meet NPC mage that is casting very important spell. In case of spell success final mob Tremblar the Behemoth will be significantly weakened. So your major task will be to protect this mage while he will be casting this important spell.

After approx 3 minutes, a group with Greater Symbiant will be spawned. This group must be killed as quickly as possible. After 2 minutes, Shyzin will warn you that he is in danger of being interrupted. If any member of the Symbiant group is alive after 2:30, Shyzin will gate out. If Shyzin gates out, an almost immortal version of Tremblar the Behemot will be spawned. Best if you just get the raid out if Shyzin leaves.

Upon defeating the first group of mobs, groups with Greater Symbiant and Symbiant Lord will spawn one at a time and have to be handled in the same way as Gretaer Symbiant group. Between fights there is enough time to replenish raid power and health.

When all three Symbiant group are sucessfully killed, move deeper to zone and wait until Tremblar the Behemoth spawns and kill him. His AOE can be easily timed and it is harmless while properly avoided/jousted.

Please realize that all groups in zone use Touch of Corrosion spell that heavily destroys armor - especially your MT's. The first three groups, this damage is focused as as single target attack upon whoever has aggro. Usually this is the MT. Against Tremblar, EVERYONE will take armor damage. We typically have our MT purchase a complete set of common crafted armor and weapons for use in this zone. Cheaper to repair than Fabled / rare crafted.

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Tremblar the Behemoth

Health: 500k HP Resits: Fire, Slash Attack: Crush, Poison, (Magic) AOE: Wave of Destruction, Poison, ~40s Note: Destroying equipment

Greater Symbiant

Health: 125k HP Resits: Cold, Piercing Attack: Crush, Poison, (Magic)

Symbiant Protector

Health: 125k HP Resits: Cold, Piercing Attack: Crush, Poison, (Magic) Note: Destroying equipment

Symbiant Lord

Health: 125k HP Resits: Cold, Piercing Attack: Crush, Poison, (Magic) Note: Destroying equipment

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