Befallen: Necrotic Asylum  

Level50 - 80
TypeInstanced Indoor
ExpansionThe Shadow Odyssey

Level 50 to 80 (Group)
Minimum18 hours
Cooldown30 minutes
Maximum3 days
Throughout the zone you will see floating ghosts. Some of them are tortured phantasms. Although non-aggro they can be hit by AEs and are white ^^^ Epic (x2)! There is a quest to free them using an item you are given. This is the only safe way to interact with them!

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The Collapse

Quest update: If you need to talk to Cmdr Windstream for The Book of Thex, click on the bench at the back of this room (far side of the hole).

The Mold Cave

Key mob is here. Look for a tiny bit of leftover goo. This mob does not spawn until after you have defeated Vauth the Suffragan on The Necropolis Bridge.

Quest update: If you have the quest, A Sample of Evil, your updates are here.

The Shimmering Cavern

Captain Hamyr will cast a crystallization spell on one player. After a few moments he will run over and tap them causing the crystal to explode with extreme force. The crystallization can be cured (elemental), or you can just move away from the frozen player. Ghostly spelunkers may add as well.

Quest update: If you have the quest Frozen Out of Time, you can use the item you were given to grab a sample of the crystallization from the frozen player. You must do this 4 times!

The Necropolis Bridge

Vauth the Suffragan on the bridge and 2 Necromalignant Bile-infused Acolytes on either side. The acolytes cast a lightning AE on the bridge in 2 spots every 8-15 seconds and move around. Position ranged DPS JUST a hair inside the door. Tank and melee move AS ONE and dance in the lightning while ranged does the killing. Slow and steady. If you get hit by the lightning, no Cure on Norrath will save you fast enough, and the lightning splashes so be sure you are well clear of the space it will hit.

The Necrolysis Chamber

Touching the green shimmer of energy will Dissolve you (for 920-980 poison per tick), but that is exactly what you are going to have to do. Move quickly through the curtain and stand on the rim of the pit, then pull the Coagulation of Flesh and Evil inside. He periodically pops an add, Chum, that needs to be dealt with quickly.

The Bone Ditch

bone sifters abound here, but no name. They are much easier to kill than they appear.

Laboratory of Necrotic Synthesis

Do NOT touch or jump over the ooze troughs if one of the necroticmalignant slimes is anywhere close! Even jumping over them, and even if they are grey to you, will hit you with Necromalignant Bile which does 4 pulses of focus damage (around 1k per tick)!

Unfortunately, Wilhelm Horrorbile and the Gooey Horde (shard chest) are on the north end of this room, past all the bile troughs so, at some point, you are going to get hit with this DoT. Watch the slimes and try to move where they are not. There is no place on Wilhelm's side that you are out of both his and the slimes radius, so time the run, watch the gaps, and jump-charge straight to him. Easy kill for all that effort. Wilhelm is apparently immune to root/stun/mez spells, and will periodically use Clever Disguise to assume the likeness of a party member. When he does this, the player imitated is stunned and cannot move or cast.

Den of the Necrophagist

Do NOT go anywhere near the platforms with the theurgists and the columns of ooze! The column will hit you with Necromalignant Bile which does 4 pulses of focus damage!

Dread Exarch Mordek stands with 2 ^^ guards at the top of a dais with steps leading up from either side. In front of him is a pool which does Necromalignant Bile. The pool is your friend, though, as it resets a curse that Mordek puts on the entire group constantly. Strategy is for tank to fight up top at his spawn point and be cured (Cure Curse), while the rest of the group runs down periodically into the pool. If you let the curse run its full course (60 sec) without heading to the pool, it is fatal (Necromalignant Deprivation, 28k+ focus damage). If you stand outside the dais (defined by the green curtain of energy), any dots on you are magnified in damage. When you dip in the pool to reset the curse timer, be sure to make your way back up to the dais as soon as possible to avoid the harsh effects (use the pile of bones as a shortcut).

Furniture: On the right-hand wall, at -314,-7,366 , is a banner you can gather and put in your home or guild hall, the maroon tapestry of the forsaken, worth 250 Rent Status Reduction.

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