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NameLevelZoneGrants AA
Xin-xu AugrenThe Village of ShinNo
Apollonia VibeniusSouth FreeportNo
Turia QuietusNorth FreeportNo
Kayben EatnySouth QeynosNo
Abe1   ^ ^ ^ HeroicRoyal Hunting CampNo
A Thexian Specter52-53   ^ ^ Heroic   to   ^ ^ ^ HeroicNektropos Castle: The ReturnNo
A Patron1   v v vBar of BrellNo
A Yarpsnarl Sacrificer32-35   v v   to   ^Butcherblock MountainsNo
Cookie29   ^ ^ ^ HeroicGobblerock's HideoutYes
Defender Braden30   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Thundering SteppesNo
Quartermerchant Teerkin72   -Fens of NathsarNo
A Kromise Virh Sentry47-48   ^ ^ ^ HeroicPermafrostNo
Xideus Yoatiak62   ^ ^ ^ Epic x4The Gates of Ahket AkenYes
A Tunarian Guard56-59   -   to   ^ ^ ^ HeroicNew TunariaNo
Majah L'AsiThe Sinking SandsNo
A Sullonite Ragebreaker98   ^ ^ ^ Epic x4Sullon's Spire [Challenge]No
A Rustfiend20-21   -Butcherblock MountainsNo
Inglorit Y'tiuriThe Sundered FrontierNo
A Deathbone Theurgist27-28   v v   to   ^ ^ HeroicThe Thundering SteppesNo
Jarda SilverstaffFrostfang SeaNo
Inglorit Y'tiuri1   v v vThe Sundered FrontierNo
Chris Weathers1   v v vAntonicaNo
An Academy Teacher41-43   ^ ^ HeroicThe Eternal Gorge: Arcane Scientists ExpeditionNo
A Militia Guard19   -The CommonlandsNo
An Amygdalan Protector87   ^ ^ ^ Epic x4Miragul's Planar ShardNo