The Gates of Ahket Aken  

Level50 - 60
TypeInstanced Indoor
ExpansionDesert of Flames


Raid Information
Success5 days 20 hours
Failure12 hours

The Gates of Ahket Aken is an epic instance version of The Living Tombs. It is located at -370.65, -142.8, -1045 in The Sinking Sands.

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Court of Trade

Jumping to water by entrance and past Ritual Mistress Cheron causes cubes to spawn. Cubes (slime scavengers) drop chests, worth to spawn and kill all. Sometimes trap/cubes do not trigger when single person out of the raid runs through, keep that person in raid.

There is additional trap past Loremaster Viswin on hill on left side when facing it, causing darkleague assassin and familar to spawn. They sometimes tend to add to fight with Ritual Mistress Cheroon if not killed before, kill them before.

TRAP: cubes - slime scavengers

Spawns in water bodies all over the zone when you walk through them, consider it bonus since they drop legendary/fabled.

2x greater slime scavenger
Health: 200k HP
Resists: Poison, Disease, Crush
Attack type: Crush, (Poison, Disease)

1x slime scavenger (can be mezzed)
Health: 40k HP
Resists: Poison, Disease, Crush
Attack type: Crush, (Poison, Disease)

TRAP: a darkleague assassin

Triggers when you reach concrete up the hill past Loremaster Viswin, marked T14 on map.

a darkleague assassin
Health: 400k HP
Resists: Slash, Heat, Poison
Attack type:
* Cold, Crush, (Divine, Slash, Pierce)
* AOE Painfull Lesson, cold, ~3k+, min recast 27secs
* ST Soul Rend, divine, ~3k+, min recast 27secs
* Drains Power

a darkleague familiar
Health: 250k HP
Resists: Heat, Crush
Attack type:
* Heat, Crush (Disease, Pierce)
* AOE Incadescent Blaze, heat, , ~3k+, min recast 27secs

Neither of them are mezzable.

Loremaster Viswin

Stands at the end of far left path when facing zone from zone-in, marked T13 on the map.

Health: 600k HP
Resists: Slash, Poison, Heat (Mental)
Attack type:
* Piercing, Poison
* AOE Swirling Cloud of Blood, poison, ~3k+, min recast 27 secs
* ST Shock of Poison DOT 4x4sec, poison, 1700+, min recast 20 sec

+3x a raef ew mercenary (can be mezzed)
Health: 45k HP
Resists: none
Attack type: Crush, (Cold, Slash)

For low T6 raid maybe split encounter can be useful. SK pulls whole encounter and than guardian take named. Small ones are killed out of named's AOE. More powerfull raid can pull at once while mezzing mercenaries.

Ritual Mistress Cheroon

Stands up the climable wall on the opposite side of the court then zone-in, marked T16 on the map.

Health: 550k HP
Resists: Cold, Poison, Crush
Attack type:
* Heat, Pierce (Poison, Divine, Disease)
* AOE Enthralling Flames, heat, ~3k+, min recast 27secs
* ST Poison Strike, poison, ~1k+

+2x a vampiric acolyte (can be mezzed)
Health: 45k HP
Resists: none
Attack type:
* Crush, Divine (Disease)
* AOE Divine Calling, divine, ~1k+, min recast 27secs

Asaad Ahk Atum

On the top of the building in the middle of the court, marked T20 on the map. It triggers when you reach end of first ramp-up from the water body to which you jumped past Ritual Mistress Cheroon and comes for you to wherever you stand. Have raid standing on the far edge of the water pool, as much as you can (on the side to Cheroon, far from zone-in) and tank to run up the ramp and catch the encounter at the end of first ramp up, where the path flattens again. That way raid should be out of reach of AOE, mezz adds.

If you kill any of the adds before the named, a x2 add as separate encounter will spawn with its own poison AE.

Health: 550k HP
Resists: Poison, Disease, Slash (Pierce)
Attack type:
* Pierce, Poison (Slash, Crush)
* AOE Venemous Cloud, poison, ~3k+, medium range ~25m, min recast 48secs (but we play 40s for sure ATM)

+3x skeletal viper adds (can be mezzed)
Health: 45k HP (heals)
Resists: Poison, Disease
Attack type: Disease, Pierce

Asaad Ahk Atum drops legendary Spine of Atum that is later used in crafting process for amulet.

Court of Residents

* trap with a raef ew elite warrior group triggers when moving a bit forward on the way left past the tunnel to this court * cubes in the water bodies can be spawned by walking through the water * two groups of roamers close to path junction on the ground floor under the aquaduct that later leads to Court of Priestess can surprise you by its content, you see bloodless gatekeeper but get group with an Ahket shade (see description) * group of spectres will spawn and jump you when reaching platform up the ramp on right past the oily wall on the way to Magrick the Destroyer

ROAMER: bloodless gatekeeper

Two groups of roamers close to path junction on the ground floor under the aquaduct that later leads to Court of Priestess.

Encounter consists of:

1x an Ahket shade
Health: 220k
Resists: Slash
Attack type: Crush, (Divine, Magic)

2x a Sul'Dal ravager
Health: 40k
Resists: Pierce
Attack type: Slash, (Crush)

a bloodless gatekeeper (the one you see walking)
Health: 40k
Resists: none
Attack type:
* Crush
* barrage Strike of the Massive, crush, ~400

TRAP: spectres

3x a terrified spectre
Health: 40k
Resists: Pierce
Attack type: Crush, (Divine, Slash)

Foreman Ytalzak

Stands in the snake pit on left when entering court from tunnel.
Health: 550k
Resists: (Slash)
Attack type:
* Crush (Divine, Cold)
* AOE Strike of Massive, crush, min recast 27secs, frontal only
* ST Stomp of Massive, crush, min recast 60secs
* Foreman Ytalzak shouts: Die NAME! - ST Desintegration, divine, ~3k+, min recast 35secs

Pull from South side to avoid miners adds, or use bruiser or just mezz adds.

Magrick the Destroyer

Aproaching him: Stands on the bellow platform on right side when you climb up the oily wall. Static encounter up the oily wall is waiting for you, when standing on edge they do not aggro, one step forward they do. When you walk up the ramp on right hand side past the oily wall group of mezzable shades will trigger spawn, see relevant trap encounter description in this court.

Fighting him: Pull him and have tank to hold him on higher level of platform where shades did jump you, on the edge to ramp-down. Rest of raid on the lower level of platform left from place where you climbed up the oily wall, lots of space to avoid AOE.

Health: 270k HP
Resists: Mental, Magic, Crush, Pierce

* Crush, Mental
* AOE Aura of Silence, mental, min recast 45secs, silence, frontal only
* barrage Wrath of Fury, crush, ~3k, 1/60 secs
* barrage Brutal Bash, crush, ~3k, 1/30 secs

+ 2x adds a blood wolf (mezzable)
Health: 40k HP
Resists: Slash
Attack: Crush, (Magic, Slash)

Amenhopis Adofo

Up the climable wall oposite side from oily wall. Tough one. Puling generated this message: The cavern walls break open and you hear the eerie wail of the undead.

Resists: Magic, Divine, Disease, Crush, Pierce
Attack: Cold, Poison, Crush, (Heat)
* AOE Chilling Mist, cold, ~3k+, 60 secs, kicks
* ST Touch of Corosion, cold, ~3k, breaks armor a bit
* breaks aggro

+3x Amenophis Elite Guard (mezzable)

Resists: (mezzable)
* Crush, (Magic, Slash)
* AOE Earie Blast, crush, ~300,

We are pulling him by monk-jump-down the building, MT is sticked to climable wall with his back. He stuns MT alot, main issue is loosing aggro.

Court of Priestess

On the way to Court of Priestess from the climable wall next to aquaduct to place where you jump down to water pool in the court are several traps waiting for you. There is static encounter standing up the climable wall, same as before, when you climb up and stand it will not aggro, if you move one step forward you get them. The traps are as follows:

* a raef ew alite warrior group on the slope down before you reach aquaduct
* greater skeletal viper once you jump to aquaduct
* greater skeletal viper past the junction on left about 10 meters from junction
* cubes when you jump down the water pool
* a bloodless bruiser group bellow climable wall on right by aquaduct when you face court
* roaming a bloodless gatekeeper brings along the group with an Ahket shade, same as before

There are three orbs up on the way to Court of Statues and three orbs right bellow the aquaduct leading to Court of Statues guarded by Guardian of the Orbs. Clicking all the orbs enables Akh'Mun Rhoen to spawn in Court of Statues. On the left side on the way to Court of Statues by Dinree there is workbench that can be used for crafting Symbol of Lect'Mun Sul for later use on Akh'Mun Rhoen. Symbol of Lect'Mun Sul requires Pearl and Spine of Atum from Asaad Akh Atum in Trade Court using crafting recepie from The Dark Arbiter. Symbol of Lect'Mun Sul can be used just once per fight.

TRAP: greater skeletal viper

Health: HP400k (heals, Healing Ritual +7k)
Resists: Poison, Disease
* Poison, Crush, (Disease, Divine)
* AOE Venemous Cloud, poison, ~3k+, minimum recast 50secs

TRAP: a bloodless bruiser

2x a bloodless bruiser
Health: HP200k (heals, Healing Ritual +7k)
Resists: Crush
Attack: Crush, (Pierce)

1x a bloodless gatekeeper
Health: HP40k
Resists: none
Attack: Crush

The Dark Arbiter

Health: HP540k
Resists: Slash, Poison, Disease
* Crush, Magic
* AOE Brutal Bash, crush, ~27sec

Very easy if pulled correctly. We are pulling him from top of the building down the main place.


Health: HP550k
Resists: Slash, cold, mental
Attack: crush, cold, magic
AOE: Aura of Silence, mental, ~47s
AOE: Chilling mist, cold, ~50s
AOE: Lightning Storm, magic
* He is draining power out of MT. But there is no real issue. Mages power transfers and common manaregen in MT's group can easily handle this issue. Make sure that you take down Dinree first, or else you get a Ree Vindicator spawn after the first add you kill.
* If you kill any of the adds before the named, separate encounter will spawn.
* He also stuns MT a lot so DPS be careful
* He spawns when someone clicks on (or just come near) Workbench. To pull him without stress let some get naked, kick him out of raid and let him do the dirty work.
* After Dinree fight another group will spawn. When you come closer to this group in some interval third group is spawnend and attacked raid immediately. We are not sure how it works but we killed third group separately then second group. After this jeweler can out of Snake spine and pearl make amulet that can be use on last mob in zone.

Guardian of the Orbs

Health: HP520k
Resists: Crush, pierce, fire, magic
Attack: crush
AOE: Chilling mist, cold, ~50s And Aura of Silence, mental, ~47 s

Very easy when AOE avoided properly.

Court of Statue


Will pop with buddies in you get next to the main pool. Not a hard mob. With poison resist around 5k he destroys in battle around 30% of armor.

Attack: Cold, Poison, Crush, (Heat)
Health: HP400k
Resists: Crush, Pierce
* AOE Venemous Cloud, poison, ~3k+, 50 secs
* ST Touch of Corosion, poison, ~3k, breaks armor a bit

+2x a greater slime scavenger
Health: HP200k
Resists: Crush
Attack: Crush

Akh-Uzh Orus

Spawns after you climb up the south-west wall. Attack: Crush, Disease
Health: HP580k
Resists: Cold

* Op Xigal, crushing, ~27s

+3x Uzh Disciple

Health: ???
Resists: Cold
Attack: Crush, Heat

Malkonis D'Morte

* Spawns after you climb up the south-east wall. If 6 orbs in 3rd court (behind Guardian of Orbs and Dinree) were disabled he spawns in non attackable form. After short speach Akh-Mun Rhoen spawns in his place and he disappears.
* If in time of his spawning orbs are not properly disabled he spawns as aggro lvl epic 69x4 which is red to lvl 60 and unbeatable in T6 IMO. T7 raid that kills him will be able to kill Akh-Mun Rhoen that spawns immediately after Malkonis D'Morte death. T6 raid that spawns aggro form of Malkonis D'Morte has no chance to spawn final zone boss - Akh-Mun Rhoen.

Level: 69x4
Health: 1.1M HP
Attack: Slash, Cold, Poison
AOE: Soul Paralysis, Cold
* Corrosive Strike is damaging tank's equipment
* He is casting zone-wide stun. AFAIK it is not possible to prevent or remove it. It is possible to time it, ward MT and survive.

Akh-Mun Rhoen

Attack: Slash, Heat, Magic
Health: HP500k (symbol used)
Resists: Cold
* Enthralling Flames, heat, ~27s
* Op Xigal, slashing, ~27s

+2x Uzh Disciple(mezzable)
Health: ???
Resists: none
Attack: Crush, Heat

+1x ahket sentinel(mezzable)
Health: 40k HP
Resists: Cold, Crush
Attack: Crush
* If you kill any of the adds before the named, separate encounter will spawn.
* At the beggining of fight it is necessary to use the Symbol of Lect Mun (created out of Asaad Ahk Atum's Spine of Atum and pearl on Dinree's workbench). Named lost half of its HPs and he lost zone wide stun ability (due to this ability it is not possible to kill him without the crafted symbol in T6).
* T7 raid can beat this name without using the Symbol of Lect Mun. There is only one obstacle - unpreventable zonewide stuns but it is relatively easily doable.

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