Bar of Brell  

Level1 - 90
TypeInstanced Indoor

You can access the bar from:
  • Antonica: Near the North Qeynos Gate
  • The Commonlands:: By the Freeport gates
  • Greater Faydark: At the stable near Green Knoll
  • Timorous Deep: In Gorowyn, on the docks, at 2362, 7, 1385
  • Frostfang Sea: In New Halas at -72, 147, -33
  • Haven:

The house band is The Burglars!

The gaming alcove closest to Snoogle Blitzed (with Bouncer McGattle) has a hidden stairway to the basement behind the curtain. In the basement a brawl is in progress between 6 bar patrons, but none of them will interact with you.

The first door in the upstairs hallway leads to Bar of Brell: Private Lounge.

Also called "Brell's Day", occurs annually in March.

(Introduced in 2006)

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