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NameLevelZoneGrants AA
A Prisoner Guard12-13   ^ ^ HeroicThe RuinsNo
An Ulteran Network ResearcherKylong PlainsNo
A Hooded Figure70   ^ ^ ^ HeroicLavastormNo
Timeless TraderEast FreeportNo
An Erudian Scholar90   v v   to   -The Stonebrunt HighlandsNo
Yaqub1   v v vThe Stonebrunt HighlandsNo
Guzfran1   v v vThe Stonebrunt HighlandsNo
Speculator MontanlooaNorth FreeportNo
Oolimeminoso PindilianaStarcrest CommuneNo
A Quellithulian Supply Chandler1   v v vThe Spire's EssenceNo
Melzeim A'Galwe1   vMelzeim's HideoutNo
A Dartain Warlock88-89   ^ ^ HeroicThe HoleNo
A Dartain Battle Cleric86-87   ^ ^ Heroic   to   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe HoleNo
AzreanaThe City of FreeportNo
OrudormoStarcrest CommuneNo
A Coalition Sage1   -The Coalition FactoryNo
JohariStonestair BywayNo
Silbian1   v v vThe Stonebrunt HighlandsNo
A Bloodthirsty Psychopath93-94   ^ ^ ^ HeroicRoyal Palace of ErudinNo
An Academy Arcanist41-43   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Eternal Gorge: Arcane Scientists ExpeditionNo
Cataloger Jamillah1   ^Library of ErudinNo
A Dismal Dirge1   v v v   to   -The Dismal DenNo
Alchemist Yallessul40   ^ ^ ^ HeroicDeathfist CitadelYes
Galenus VatiaStonestair BywayNo